Violent Crime up 90% in Culver City

Violent Crime up 90% in Culver City

Three armed robberies in as many days have occurred in Culver City, which is seeing a rise in crime.

In comparison to statistics from 2018 and 2019, crime in 2021 and 2022 increased by 90%, according to Culver City police. The year 2020 was excluded from those crime figures due to the pandemic.

The most recent armed robbery took place on Sunday at a Boost Mobile location on Washington and Centinela. In this case, a suspect entered the store and forced two Boost Mobile employees to lay face down while brandishing a black semi-automatic weapon. He was wearing a white mask, blue surgical globes, a blue hooded sweatshirt, and blue sweatpants. He then snatched roughly $500 from the till and fled.

According to police, the suspect dropped a set of car keys, and those keys pointed to a suspected suspect automobile that was parked approximately a block away. As they searched the area, officers spotted the suspect’s clothes in the back seat and located him. On Monday, Lawrence Bell, a Torrance resident on parole and sporting an ankle monitor, was named as the suspect.

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An employee at a Rite Aid pharmacy on Culver Center on Saturday said that a guy approached her carrying a number of things before pulling a black revolver, setting it down on the counter, and demanding money from the register. The day before, someone entered the 3817 Sepulveda Boulevard Subway and requested a sandwich while donning a black ski mask. After receiving his meal, the customer took a black revolver from his pocket and demanded payment. According to authorities, the terrified Subway employee put between $200 and $300 in the suspect’s bag.

A woman who has lived in Culver City since the 1960s said she has never witnessed crime in her area of the city at this level.

It’s the worst, in my opinion, she declared. Sometimes you’re hesitant to go out or go somewhere because you don’t know what’s going on.

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