3 Children Accused in Monroe County Crime Spree, Officials Say

3 Children Accused in Monroe County Crime Spree, Officials Say (1)

Michigan’s MONROE COUNTY – Three kids might be charged in connection with a heinous crime spree in Monroe County. Eight years old is the newest.

According to authorities, it all began when the teens were apprehended robbing a store on South Telegraph Road near West Seventh Street in Monroe Township of some dirt motorcycles.

Bill Hardy, a local, remarked, “It’s worrying.”

According to authorities, three boys, aged 8, 11, and 13, are currently facing charges for their alleged involvement in various Monroe Township companies’ break-ins and thefts. Hardy replied, “It just seems insane. You wouldn’t anticipate children that age to be interested in that sort of thing.

Officers claim that on July 8, at around 8:40 p.m., they observed two children attempting to flee on five dirt motorcycles that had just been taken from a motorcycle shop on Telegraph Road.

Officers first observed a pistol on one of the children, according to Monroe County Sheriff’s Department Sheriff Troy Goodnough.

Goodnough described it as a bb pistol that resembled a Beretta handgun. “So, imagine yourself in the position of those responding deputies. And he noticed the pistol in the waistband right away.

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Another little boy, an 11-year-old, was seen attempting to flee Toledo, Ohio in a stolen car while police were holding two of the children. According to detectives, the identical vehicle was used to smash other establishments to gain entry.

In Monroe, Cabela’s, Walmart, and Meijer, according to Goodnough, “they committed a retail fraud.” According to Goodnough, the police handled the circumstance. Goodnough noted that by maintaining their cool, manner, and extreme professionalism, a negative scenario was avoided and a favourable conclusion was achieved.

The sheriff emphasises that the children’s obedience to his instructions saved them from a far worse outcome.

They cooperated, according to Goodnough. “It was basically a horrible scenario that led to a good result. Everyone was taken into custody. The lost property was found. You can only hope that they change their ways and go forward with their life.

All three kids were turned over to their parents for custody. However, we’ve been informed that they could be connected to 11 other incidents that happened in Toledo.

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