Resident Evil Season 1: Release Date & Other Updates

Resident Evil Season 1: Release Date & Other Updates

Resident Evil has been a fan favorite for 26 years, with 14 consoles and 7 movies. With such a strong, action-packed, and showy performance, it has earned its place in the category of video-game legends. Since it started in 1996, the “Precious” franchise has spawned many video game sequels, books, and a well-known series of movies. And now, the live-action Resident Evil series’s first season will be on Netflix in July 2022. With the live-action series and at least two animated projects, Netflix is going in on the Resident Evil franchise. Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness was the first. It came out on Netflix in July 2022.

When was the Resident Evil TV series announced?

Reports say that the first details about Resident Evil Season 1 came out in January 2019. People say that the drama series will show the dark, deep, and mysterious inner workings of the vast Umbrella Corporation and the new world order after the T-virus spread.

In January 2019, the project had just begun and was just getting started. The series will likely have all of Resident Evil’s most essential and recognizable parts, like action sequences and Easter eggs.

Early in 2020, an official plot summary for the series was posted on Netflix’s Media site. The description said-

“The town of Clearfield, Maryland has always been in the shadow of three massive places that don’t seem to have anything to do with each other: the Umbrella Corporation, the closed Greenwood Asylum, and Washington, D.C. Today, twenty-six years after the T-Virus was discovered, the three will start to tell what they know as soon as there are signs of an outbreak.

What we think will happen in the next Resident Evil series.

The story will take place at two different times, according to our analysis of the Resident Evil Season 1 teaser released by Netflix on May 12, 2022. In the first timeline, Jade and Billie Wesker, 14 years old, move to New Raccoon City. They seem to realize that their father might be hiding some dark secrets that could lead to the world’s end.

The second timeline starts ten years into the future when only 15 million people are left, and the T-Virus has infected more than 6 billion animals and people. In the second of the two teasers, monsters like a mutant spider and an underground worm monster can be seen digging tunnels. It has to do with Jade, who is thirty years old now. She has to do hard things to stay alive in this world.

In an interview with Andrew Dabb, it was also said that the show would follow the game’s timeline, meaning that Wesker has been brought back to life somehow. He said in the interview that he didn’t want to give away too much, but he did say that Wesker is the way he is and how he is still alive are related.

How far along is the first season of Resident Evil?

The pre-production was supposed to start in April 2020, and the principal filming was supposed to happen from June 2020 to October 2020. But COVID-19 swooped in and put a stop to those plans. But later, a new date in February 2021 was also said to be coming, but that changed too.

But again, some good reports say that the first season of Resident Evil was shot between September 8 and December 14, 2021. Then, the series went from being in production to being in post-production.

The people in Season 1 of Resident Evil

Lance Riddick, who will play Albert Wesker, talked about some of the other cast members and their roles. They’re:

Lance Riddick-Albert Wesker
Ella Balinska- To be Answered
Tamara Smart- TBA
Mpho Osei Tutu- Yen
Siena Agudong- TBA
Hanni Heinrich- Janet Rizelle Januk
– Billie’s Teacher
Paola Nunez- TBA
Lea Vivier- Susana Franco
Ayushi Chhabra- Dr. Amrita Singh
Candice van Litsenborgh- TBA
Richard Wright-Maskey
Season 1 of Resident Evil will have eight episodes.

There are rumors about Resident Evil 2

There have also been rumors that a second season is already in the works. It could be valid since we can’t expect such a big, well-known franchise only to give us one season. But it will be a long time before Season 2 is picked up.

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