Blood and Treasure Season 2: Release Date & Other Updates

Blood and Treasure Season 2: Release Date & Other Updates

The first episode of the CBS action-adventure drama series Blood and Treasure, titled “The Curse of Cleopatra Part I & II,” was released in two parts and debuted on May 21. The series received a rating of 6.5/10 on IMDb and just 54 percent of rotten tomatoes when it was the first broadcast. Some devoted viewers of the program have been anticipating Blood and Treasure Season 2 for more than three years.

In the novel Blood and Riches, antiquities specialist Danny McNamara, a former FBI agent, and sly art thief Lexi Vaziri team up to apprehend terrorist Karim Farouk, who finances his assaults using the looted treasure. Danny is the one who enlists Lexi’s assistance in order to rescue his mentor Dr. Anna Castillo and prosecute Farouk.

They are also being sought after since they are on their own mission. They discover themselves in the middle of a 2000-year conflict over the birthplace of civilization. Despite the uniqueness of the story, reviewers contend that the release of the film received average reviews because of its mediocre execution. On August 6, 2019, the 12th episode of the first season, “The revenge of Farouk,” was finished.

After three years, Blood and Treasure Season 2 has finally been announced, but terrible news for CBS viewers: the drama will not air on their network. For more information about Blood and Treasure Season 2, see the article.

Summary of the first season of Blood and Treasure

Danny pretends to be an arms dealer to carry out their plan, and Lexi asks Father Chuck for assistance in deciphering material that has been encoded. Danny and Lexi arrive at a castle where the Germans might have concealed Cleopatra’s sarcophagus after receiving a crucial lead. Hardwick is, in the meantime, saved by Fabi and divulges information about Cleopatra’s hunts.

Danny is informed by Lexi that an Egyptian official may have documents pertaining to Farouk (lying about her source). On the other side, Farouk makes an effort to find the things he stole from the pyramids. In an effort to locate a lost train car that may have previously been carrying Cleopatra’s tomb, the pair heads straight for a mountain in Spain. Yet they find themselves stranded in Casablanca, pursued by the police and their adversaries.

Only if Danny forces his father to disclose the whereabouts of artworks that were stolen 20 years ago and in which he was one of the accused will the FBI permit the pair to hunt for Cleopatra. The Nazis who were responsible for Cleopatra may still be alive and hiding someplace, according to the Nazi hunter’s study, which takes them to MontrĂ©al. Gwen loses patience with Danny and Lexi and takes Father Chuck into custody for helping them.

Danny and Lexi even make it to the Bermuda triangle, where they find the smuggler’s plane’s last known location. By conducting some research, Gwen enters the target area. At the very end, when Farouk’s Master Plan is in full swing, and all the secrets are revealed, the two find themselves in the worst scenario imaginable, with their futures already chosen.

Blood and Treasure Season 2 Trailer, Plot Summary, and Announcement

Blood and Treasure Season 2 has not yet been given a trailer, but as the premiere date draws near, the production company will soon start releasing season details and teasers to build anticipation for the program.

Regarding the plot, season one ended on a nerve-wracking cliffhanger, and season two is anticipated to resolve this situation. By the end of the first season, we discovered the Queen had returned and brought with her new perils. Season two will show Danny adjusting to the changes made by the Queen’s visit.

A different Egyptian pharaoh or someone from a different civilization might be selected today, as the first season’s plot was centered around that of Cleopatra, to vary the narrative. This time around, Danny and Lexi will experience several heartbreaking circumstances in addition to continuing to amuse the audience with their odd yet effective connection.

Treasure & Blood Cast of Blood and Treasure Season 2

The action-adventure drama Blood and Treasure were created by Matthew Federman and Stephens Scaia. Executive producers on the program are Michael Dinner, Mark Vlasic, Marc Webb, Howard T. Owens, Ben Silverman, Taylor Elmore, Matthew Federman, and Stephen Scaia. Propagate, Lake June Productions, and CBS Television Studios are the production organizations responsible for the program.

Blood and Treasure Season 2’s broadcast rights have been given to Paramount Plus. Blood and Treasure Season 2 is anticipated to feature the following principal cast members:

The Danny McNamara of Matt Barr
Simon Hardwick, played by James Callis
As Aiden Shaw, Michael James Shaw
Dr. Ana Castillo is Alicia Coppola.
Karim Farouk is portrayed by Oded Fehr in Mark Gagliardi’s Father Chuck.
Gwen Karlsson, played by Katia Winter

Release Date and Season 3 Prospects

Instead of the CBS network, Paramount Plus will air the first episode of Blood and Treasure Season 2 on July 17. The move of the series from CBS’s platform was officially confirmed by the CBS team. With a total of 13 episodes this time, the season will release new episodes every Sunday.

There haven’t been many rumors about the show being renewed for a third season. When Matt Barr was questioned about it, he responded that he was enthusiastic about the current season and hoped viewers would enjoy it. “We’ll release Season 3 five years later,” he said.

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