Houses with History Season 2: Release Date Updates

Houses with History Season 2: Release Date Updates

HGTV has confirmed that “Houses with History” will return for a second season. 2023 marks the next season’s comeback with a new batch of eight one-hour episodes.

In Plymouth, Massachusetts, three enthusiastic preservationists — history nerd Mike Lemieux, carpenter Rich Soares, and designer Jen MacDonald — are working to restore historic homes. When a home is saved, “it’s like salvaging a piece of history.” MacDonald and Lemieux have been married for almost a decade.

HGTV said in a news release that “the homes’ distinctive beginnings and previous remodeling stories” are also featured in each episode.

In September 2021, HGTV reported that the first “Houses with History” season had nearly 14 million views.

Houses with history is a series in which executive producer Loren Ruch remarked, “We flipped the idea of what makes a successful renovation tale on its head and led with the backstory of [the house’s],” according to an HGTV release. As a result of Mike, Rich, and Jen’s ability to create a great tale, the first season was a huge success—and the second season has already been ordered. The unexpected twists that are revealed in each makeover are always fascinating.”

MacDonald broke the news over Instagram. The owner of Mayflower Mercantile commented, “We are delighted to formally announce season 2 of Houses with History is coming to @hgtv!” The cast and crew are looking forward to returning for another filming season and working on some unique antiques. To everyone, I extend my heartfelt gratitude for your continuous patronage! Our @highnoonent family is greatly appreciated. The entire circle homes team is ready to go— here we go!!!

‘Houses With a History’ Started with Jonathan Knight’s Help

Her remark drew the attention of “Farmhouse Fixer” host Jonathan Knight, who wrote, “Congratulations to you all!!! When will the new season be out?

During an interview with WBZ-TV in 2021, MacDonald said that the show’s debut was made possible partly because of the New Kids on the Block star.

We have to give Jon Knight credit, she said. “He was down here, staring at the structure where we now find ourselves,” I explained. Jon came through and observed some of our progress during a complete debacle. In the beginning, he said, “You guys should have your show,” as he was launching his “Farmhouse Fixer.” There was only a short sizzle trailer, but it was enough to get us approved to do a whole series.”

Season 1 Featured the Renovation of Six Period Residences

During the first season of “Houses with History,” the group worked on six different properties. In 1666, WBZ-TV reported that one of the houses had been in existence.

“We’re preserving many of these houses,” MacDonald told the CBS Boston affiliate. A contractor is planning to demolish it was bidding against us on one of the projects.” When it comes to this, we’re putting everything into it. “It’s a piece of history you can never get back.”

“We want people to believe that history is extremely engaging,” Lemieux said. You are an essential part of it, and you should do your share to keep it that way for the sake of future generations. It’s who we are, where we came from, and how we’ll continue to be in the future. The past and the present are inseparable. All of us are involved, and you can join us.”

Discovery+ subscribers can watch the first season of “Houses with History” now.

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