Young Justice Season 5: Possible Supergirl Actor

Young Justice Season 5: Possible Supergirl Actor

Showrunner Greg Weisman discusses who would play Kara Zor-El in a possible fifth season following the debut of Supergirl in Young Justice: Phantoms. One of Warner Bros.’s most popular DC animated series, Young Justice, has been on the air since it premiered in 2011. A spin-off of the DC Universe’s Young Justice, Young Justice follows a group of sidekicks inside the DC Universe attempting to break free of their mentors’ shadows. After two seasons on Cartoon Network, Young Justice was abruptly canceled in 2013 when the network decided to discontinue its DC Nation block.

Young Justice season 3 was finally announced thanks to fan campaigns and the debut of DC Universe before transferring to HBO Max for season 4. Young Justice: Phantoms, the show’s fourth season, introduced a new concept with four arcs that all converged at the end of the season. Some narrative lines were established in the season 4 finale that could lead to the fifth season of Young Justice. It was a pleasant surprise to see Kara Zor-El, a.k.a. Supergirl, appears in the Young Justice: Phantoms finale, “Death and Rebirth,” near the conclusion.

Fans are curious about the cliffhanger as Young Justice waits to find out if season 5 will happen. If the DC animated series Supergirl is renewed for a fifth season by HBO Max, a Twitter fan urged showrunner and co-creator Weisman to announce who will voice the title character. As is customary for Weisman, he replied, “Nope,” when asked about the Supergirl question. Weisman is notoriously tight-lipped regarding Young Justice secrets.

One of the many iconic Kryptonians introduced in Young Justice: Phantoms is Supergirl, who has appeared in numerous prominent animated and live-action shows (including Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl Arrowverse series). All of these characters were included in the Phantom Zone storyline throughout Phantoms. In the post-credits scene, when Darkseid was presented with a new set of Female Furie, Supergirl played a role in the ending. In addition to Mary Marvel, now known as “Black Mary,” there was also Superman’s infamous cousin Kara Luthor.

Regarding Supergirl, many mysteries need to be answered in Young Justice season 5. The show must first show how Kara came to be with the Light. To set up a House of El drama in the fifth season of Young Justice, it would be necessary to clarify whether Supergirl has been brainwashed or whether she has chosen to serve Darkseid. It would be a surprise if HBO Max’s Young Justice were not extended for a fifth season, given how well the show has performed critically and in terms of audience. After the Supergirl cliffhanger, we’re all hoping for some Young Justice season 5 news soon.

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