Endeavour Season 8, Episode 1 Recap: “Striker”

While the Season 8 episode of Endeavour hints at the more excellent mystery, Morse’s drinking issue is the underlying narrative. Wednesday, alone in an alley, faces up against a couple of nasty characters, and he desperately needs Morse and Strange’s help. That night Morse is so intoxicated that he needs to be awakened from his coma by Thursday, who is excitedly waiting for him. Additionally, Bright and Frazil are becoming increasingly concerned about Morse’s appearance, as his nose is redder and his eyes are sunken in. He has been found intoxicated multiple times while on duty.

In a paper by Dorothea Frazil, Someone claiming to be there with the Provisional IRA called the Oxford Mail and threatened them. If Oxford Wanderers striker Jack Swift (Julian Moore-Cook) plays in the next game against Cowley Town, he will be shot. Because he believes Morse has little interest in football, Bright has him serve as Swift’s bodyguard. Morse is annoyed but not as bothered as Swift because he wants to investigate the bombing. But Dan Lofthouse (John Hollingworth), the team’s head coach, says otherwise. But the striker vaguely remembers seeing a familiar face and nothing more. Despite this, they’re being heeded.

The bombing of Lionsgate College in Oxford has also occurred. John Sarson (Angus Yellowlees), a student protesting the college’s sponsorship from arms dealer Tobias Buchanan’s money, had a crush on Maggie Widdowson (Mia McCallum). In addition to the younger secretary, the older Miss Newell (Harriet Thorpe) was hurt in the blast. Headmaster Lucius Stanfield (Andrew Havill) received the bomb. As a side note, the misspelling of Stanfield’s name should be noted. The bombing and the phone calls aren’t connected, Frazil wonders aloud to Thursday, who dismisses the IRA’s sudden appearance on this side of the water as nonsense.

Frida O’Rourke (Roxanne Palmer) is a single mother who has been searching for her sister since the bombing. A resident of the Welfare home facility that Joan Thursday currently oversees, she has been living there for some time. Joan agrees to a date with a stranger who takes advantage of the situation. As Frida recalls, Maggie had stopped by to chat about wedding arrangements and deliver the nieces some presents. A valentine is found in Maggie’s flat, which is peculiar because Maggie received a half-burnt valentine the morning of the bombing. Maggie, however, only lately began turning up on time following a tiff with Stamfield.

Fenner, the owner of the Wanderer, is met by Morse as he goes to meet with Jack (Joseph Millson). Before going to a press conference with Swift and Cowley’s star striker, John Paul Martinelli, he sends Swift and Cecily (Eleanor Fanyinka) on their way to a fitting (Gabriel Tierney). Morse overhears an ambush at Fenner’s concert. Still, it’s Eamonn Andrews (Lewis Macleod) from This Is Your Life, marching out Jack’s mom (Jacinta Mulcahy), friends Sarah Sellars (Ruth Bradley), plus George (Killian Coyle), who Jack spotted, as well as old coach, Duke Ward (Colum Convey). To add insult to injury, Ray Jubba (Elliot Levey), the manager of both strikers, wants to trade Martinelli for Swift, who is currently playing for the Wanderers.

Neither George nor Sarah nor Martinelli want to spend time with Jack. Taking Jack back to his house, Morse implies that he was in love with Sarah, who he left behind while playing football. On the next day, Morse manages to get Jack to the game, despite being too drunk, Swift phoning up a girl, and Swift’s girlfriend, Brigitte (Evelina Järrebring), throwing a fit. Despite the Wanderers’ victory, Lofthouse is adamant that Morse is not permitted to accompany Jack to the dressing room. A man in a Swift jersey can chat with Jubba, but Ward is escorted upstairs by George. While waiting for Lofthouse, Morse discovers a dead body — but it isn’t Swift; it is Martinelli. Swift, on the other hand, is nowhere to be found.

As soon as he saw the Swift shirt on Martinelli, Ward claims Martinelli told him Jubba instructed him to throw the game to secure his spot at Oxford, an assertion that Jubba decries as absurd. However, Swift was correct to be concerned about Martinelli, as Lofthouse and Jubba had planned to replace him after the game. Thursday and Morse go to Jack’s house and find him there, oblivious to what happened after the game. After spending the night at the station, Morse returns to the station the following day to begin working on the Oxford investigation with another DS (Christopher Brand).

In the apartment, a valentine from Maggie’s fiancee Noel (Tom Spink), reveals that Maggie is due to receive some cash, which will allow the couple to relocate, which is good news for Maggie, who had previously been robbed. In the first paragraph, Joan tells Morse that there is no family money; this is a falsehood. As he searches through the kid’s dollhouse, he finds a cassette tape, which leads him to believe that Maggie must have taken it with her when she left. A thesis paper written by Sarson, the source of the second Valentine, was found by Morse in Maggie’s flat; he claims to have seen someone leave as he entered the building.

Maggie typed up one of Stanfield’s voice memos. To get Oxford to discontinue the lease on the Wanderer’s pitch, Fenner and Stamfield worked together to get Stamfield a cut from the pitch sale to Fenner. Despite Fenner’s pledge to send the money, he instead dispatched the explosive. After the game, Jack went to meet Sarah about the Martinelli killing but was turned away. A jealous and violent spouse named George made the call. That said, it wasn’t over his ex-wife. George killed Martinelli because he had slept with her. George had intended to assassinate Jack to recoup money donated to the Provo IRA via one of the Wanderers’ charitable endeavors.

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