Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 3, 4 Spoilers: Latest Updates

Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 3, 4 Spoilers: Latest Updates

Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 3 will air on TNT next week, and episode 4 will follow! We’re a little surprised that the network has decided to air another two hours of the same show simultaneously.

The goal of all of this? There isn’t much competition at the moment, so it looks like they’re attempting to take advantage of it. They may also be trying to free up time for other projects. It’s the show’s final season, and TNT is moving away from scripted programming altogether. There will be no scripted shows to watch once Animal Kingdom is over; Snowpiercer is the only one.

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S6E3 Pressure and Time: Deran and Pope seek Craig, J attempts to sell Gia’s diamonds, and Julia gets an internship at the mall in this season’s third episode.

New attorney J gets to know; Craig tries to land a new job; Pope assists a kid at the skate park in Season 6, Episode 4.

In terms of J’s vengeance against Gia and Pope’s inner calm at his skate park, there’s a lot of fascinating material. We do not, however, desire the following: J.’s new love interest is that new legal assistant. To begin with, she’s married. Besides, how often does this character require a love interest to keep her going? We already know that things don’t turn out well for them.

Naturally, the Catherine Belen inquiry is a source of concern for us, so we’ve been keeping an eye on Pope. That’s going to come undone sooner or later.

Animal Kingdom season 6, episode 3, and episode 4 air next week. What are you most looking forward to seeing?

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Episodes 3 and 4 air on TNT Sunday, June 26, from 9:00-11:00 p.m. ET.

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