Plop Star Net Worth: All Detail

A portable stink-blocking tablet, Plop Star, has been hailed as the most inconspicuous deodorizer in the world. Essential oils scented with citrus create an odor-blocking barrier in the Plop Star tablets. There is no need to do anything more than dropping a single Plop Star tablet into the dish.

Plop Star masks the offensive stench while adding a citrusy aroma as a buffer between the essential oils it inhibits. You can use Plop Star at any time and place to help you rock the bowl. Plop Star has been created to help those who are apprehensive about visiting public restrooms. Plop Star is an excellent device for ensuring sanitary conditions. Each of the 30 tablets is around two inches in diameter and is individually packaged for your convenience.

Amount of Money Plop Star Has

Plop Star had a net worth of $1,5 million at its entry on the Shark Tank. Plop Star didn’t get a deal on Shark Tank. Investors described Tyler Jay as careful, respectful, and a quiet person, but they thought Tyler Jay lacked market knowledge. Guests at the event included Rohan Oza, a guest investor. The problem was, it seemed as if he had none. Additionally, he left Plop Star without a contract.

Plop Star’s Founders

Tyler Jay established Plop Star in the year 2018. He graduated from Arizona University with a degree in Media Arts. Tyler Jay worked inside an ad agency for a few years. Tandem Inc., a creative production studio, was formed by Jay in 2014. Like many others, Tyler Jay avoided public and non-home restrooms because he was afraid of leaving a smelly trail. That’s why Tayler Jay went out of his way to find a product that met his needs before deciding to build his own.


Plop Star was released in 2018 after three years of development. Tyler jay intended to create a liquid deodorant spray as a starting point. Jay has his R&D department. Despite this, they were still unsatisfied after a year of beta testing. Bath bombs later became an inspiration for Tyler Jay.

Tyler Jay and his colleagues had the bright idea of creating a tablet-sized deodorizer for use in restrooms on the go. There was a product that could be released to the market after a year’s worth of study, testing, formulating, and tweaking 37 times.

Plop Star’s Shark Tank Pitch

Plop Star’s sales have increased since they appeared on a Shark Tank episode, even though the public’s response has been divided. A short time after the program aired, Plop Star was completely sold out on their website, thanks in part to the appearance of the company’s founder.

Plop Star’s first appearance on Shark Tank didn’t go well, with low sales resulting in a lack of investment in the company. Poor customer feedback and a lack of funding haven’t stopped the corporation from expanding its internet presence.

Plop Star didn’t get a deal on Shark Tank. On the other hand, Tyler Jay stated that he didn’t mind leaving Shark Tank without cash because appearing on the ABC show was always his dream.

What Has Plop Star Been Up To Since Shark Tank?

Individually wrapped Plop Star tablets are available. It has a diameter of roughly two and a half inches. You need to know that Plop Star tablets are available in three different packages. There are two options here. The first is a 30-pack for roughly $12.99. The Plop Star 30-pack tub, which costs approximately $14.99, is the second box. Another option is the 6-pack, which is priced at $4.99. and the Plop Star website both sell Plop Star tablet packets.

Unfortunately, Shark Tank investors didn’t take kindly to it. For various reasons, Tyler Jay’s initial $150,000 investment request sparked no interest from potential investors, including the fact that the company had yet to make any sales. According to the data, Plop Star had only sold $12,000 in merchandise in the months leading up to the performance.

Immediately following the Shark Tank broadcast, Plop Star noticed an increase in sales. carries the product, although it is currently out of stock on Plop Star’s website. Jay’s strategy is to focus on B2B as well as retail.

Is Plop Star Tablet a Profitable Business Model?

Despite the public’s divided reaction, Plop Star has a following of clients who enjoy the scented toilet tablets. Plop Star tablets are only valuable for combating odors caused by solids, according to research on poop odors. They have minimal effect on odors that have already permeated the atmosphere. Only $12,000 had been sold by Plop Star before the show.

Plop Star: A Few Fascinating Facts

Plop Star has a lot of intriguing tidbits:

  • In his spare time, Tyler Jay, founder and director of Chicago production business Tandem Inc. worked on the Plop Star tablet in the evenings and weekends when he wasn’t occupied with work or spending time with his family.
  • One of the funniest advertisements featured in Reel Chicago last year was created by Tyler Jay and his Tandem team with the help of Colonie and Comma Music.
  • It is highly beneficial for those who have undergone weight reduction surgery and are experiencing recurring bouts of diarrhea.
  • It was bath bombs that first sparked the interest of Tyler Jay. As he claims, his young daughter is a big fan of bath bombs. He chose to pursue the creation of a portable bathroom deodorizer tablet.

The paragraph above explains Plop Star’s net worth and other relevant statistics. You may learn more about Plop Star by visiting the company’s official website.

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