Waco Police Lean on Community Effort to Fight Crime and Violence

Waco Police Lean on Community Effort to Fight Crime and Violence

WACO, Texas (CSU ) – Hundreds of people have gathered in Waco, Texas, for a memorial service

The Community Opportunity Event organised by Waco Police brought together businesses, organisations, and families in an effort to establish relationships and join in the battle against violence.

It’s an issue that has come to light because of the 13 homicides that have occurred in Waco so far this year.

Waco Police Chief Sheryl Victorian stated, “We are attempting to come up with ways to make sure we are addressing these issues at the core causes.” Events like the Community Opportunity Event should ensure that we have resources available for families in need, whether it be for school or employment..”

Law enforcement, city leaders, schools, companies, and residents are all working together to break down the issue from all angles.

Preventive measures, such as arrests and detainment, are at the centre of police reform efforts.

As Chief Victorian stated, “prevention and intervention outweigh our apprehension because the measure of success of policing in our city is the reduction in crime in our city, not the number of arrests that we make.”

New and old programmes are being launched in an effort to help these three pillars succeed, and having more people involved is the most important factor in making them all function

In order to ensure that every Wacoan has the opportunity to prosper, “it takes an entire village,” Dexter Hall, Chief of Staff and Financial Security Senior Content Specialist at Prosper Waco, said.

Michael Ruiz, the owner of Kick Start Training, described the experience as “amazing” because of the opportunity to learn from other vendors. When I was younger, I didn’t see much of this, but now that I’m here, it’s wonderful.

In the words of the Chief Victorian, “Don’t be a spectator and offer negative comments about what can’t be done.” Let’s see what we can come up with. If each of us contributes a little, we can transform this city and reduce crime.”

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