Two Shootings, One Fatal, Overnight in Jacksonville

Two Shootings, One Fatal, Overnight in Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA — In the 9500 block of Norfolk Blvd, Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office officers discovered a gunshot victim at 8:30 p.m on Saturday night. Officials from the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department determined that the victim had died of natural causes.

The only thing we know about the victim is that he was a Black male in his late 30s, according to the JSO. The cops are interviewing witnesses. According to the JSO, the event looks to be domestic in nature.

Medical examiners will conduct a full autopsy on the victim at the medical examiner’s office. Other than gunshot wounds, no other cause of death was given. A second gunfire occurred at 12:56 a.m. on J. Turner Boulevard near Kernan Boulevard, over five hours after the first.

According to JSO, the victim of this gunshot was in “non-life threatening” condition. Witnesses who took the victim to the hospital say that a car travelling west on J. Turner Boulevard shot into the victim’s vehicle.

Witnesses are being questioned by the JSO Violent Crimes Unit as part of an inquiry. “We have not been able to find the scene and we do not have a description of the suspect or the suspect’s car,” Sgt. Norman Runyon with the JSO stated.

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