Waco Police Share Plan to Reduce Violent Crime

Waco Police Share Plan to Reduce Violent Crime

WACO, Texas (CSU) — As the city faces an uptick in murder and gun violence, the Waco Police Department is presenting its plan to curb violent crime. Since the beginning of the year, thirteen people have died in Waco as a result of violence. Several of the occurrences were linked to domestic or gang-related violence.

On Tuesday, police chief Sheryl Victorian presented the city council with the department’s “Violent Crime Strategic Response” strategy. Prevention, intervention, and crime reduction and apprehension are among the cornerstones of the plan. Outreach programmes for adolescents, greater patrol by street crime units on nights and weekends, and the use of innovative tools like gunshot detection technology and automated licence plate scanners to track down offenders are all ways to minimise violent crime.

On social media, the department also published statements from Victorian and Waco mayor Dillon Meek. “To solve a problem, using a firearm carelessly to terrify, harm, or kill is not the answer. We’ll keep holding suspects accountable for their acts “Victorian told the residents.

According to the plan, there have been 40 occurrences of violent conduct, including gunshots without victims, in addition to the 13 killings. This year, the city has also recorded 123 stolen guns. Police and community leaders are pleading with residents to assist them in their efforts to combat violent crime.

“Local cops can’t do it all by themselves. They require our cooperation and support “Meek remarked. Visit the police department’s website to see the entire strategic response plan as well as the department’s presentation.

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