When Will the Boys Season 3 Episode 4 Be Released

How could we not be excited about the release of The Boys season 3 episode 4? Not only has one of the best Prime Video shows made a triumphant return! (Wow, remember that first episode scene?) However, Homelander’s most recent suggestion is, to put it mildly, unpleasant.

Yes, because not only is Homelander’s public relations campaign in full swing, but he’s also enlisted Starlight in a phoney romance in order to enhance his Q rating (a measure of one’s familiarity and attractiveness). Of course, this did not come without a price, as #Homelight is here to keep others safe.

Meanwhile, we finally meet Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) in the first three episodes of The Boys season 3 (the one show you should have binge-watched on Amazon Prime Video), and Billy Butcher’s newfound infatuation with Temp-V is utterly screwing up his life. Even Billy couldn’t stand it when he screamed at Ryan and blamed the boy for Becca’s death.

Meanwhile, Hughie is frustrated, accidentally cutting his hand, and turning to the dark side by reuniting with Butcher in order to get a weapon to defeat Homelander.

We’re more than confident in our decision to pick The Boys season 3 the new programme to watch in June after seeing the entire season.

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