‘The Boys’ Season 3: Episode 3 – Recap And Ending, Explained – What Was Operation Charly? Is Soldier Boy Alive?

‘The Boys’ Season 3: Episode 3 – Explained Recap And Ending – What Was the Purpose of Operation Charly? Is Soldier Boy still alive and well?

Soldier Boy’s sidekick, Gunpowder, told Billy in the previous episode, “The Boys” Season 3: Episode 2, that the C.I.A. took them on a case job in Nicaragua during Nixon’s reign, from which Soldier Boy vanished. Grace Mallory was the head of operations, therefore Billy didn’t waste any time in paying a visit to Mallory in “The Boys” Season 3: Episode 3. The episode also celebrates Homelander’s small triumph after his game-changing statement in the previous episode, in addition to revealing additional information on the mystery surrounding Soldier Boy. Starlight, the new co-captain of “The Seven,” is sadistically tortured by Homelander but endures the tortures because Hughie wants her to buy time so that Billy can learn more about “B.C.L. R.E.D.,” a secret weapon that likely wounded the indestructible Soldier Boy.

‘The Seven’ Makes A Comeback With Deep

People appreciated Homelander’s unvarnished statement at his birthday party, and as a result, his public rating soared by 21 points, while Homelander and Starlight’s Q Rating surpassed 98 percent, inspiring Homelander to harass her co-captain even more. Homelander brought Deep back to “The Seven” to poke fun at Starlight, who had sexually harassed her in Season 1 and was booted from the team by Madelyn Stillwell. As a result, whatever clout Starlight gained as a result of her deal with Stan Edgar washed away as soon as Homelander’s P.R. rating rose. After the broader public realised who he was, he began acting irrationally, disregarding everyone and everything, including the recorded footage of Flight 37 that Queen Maeve and Starlight were utilising against Homelander. He warned Starlight, telling her that if she dared to disclose the tape, he would be compelled to wipe New York City from the face of the earth. And this would only be the start of Homelander’s fury.

Starlight intended to leave the squad as soon as possible after this threat, but Hughie persuaded her to stay and buy them some time so they could discover the ultimate weapon Butcher had been looking for to blow out Homelander’s skull. Starlight chose to put up with all of Hughie’s humiliation so that he could feel victorious for the first time in his life. Homelander not only introduced Deep at the “American Superhero Event Finale,” but he also brought in Supersonic, Starlight’s ex-boyfriend, to add to the chaos in her life. The fact that the other two eligible candidates were both women (of a different race) didn’t sit well with Homelander’s radical ideas, so he went with Supersonic. Homelander revealed on national television at the conclusion of the event that he and Starlight are in love and will pursue their relationship further. Starlight was stunned, but she kissed Homelander during the filming to give Hughie some breathing room. She made adjustments for her mother in her upbringing, and she is now making compromises for her partner. Her irritation would eventually turn to fury, which would ostensibly complicate her relationship.

Operation The Disappearance of Charly and the Soldier Boy in Nicaragua

Hughie opted to rejoin the team after disclosing the truth about Victoria Neuman and assisting Billy, Marvin, and Frenchie in their struggle against Vought. Billy brought them to Grace Mallory’s apartment, where she was living with Ryan, and finally asked her about her 1984 covert case assignment in Nicaragua.

Mallory informed the team about “Operation Charly,” a top-secret Ronald Reagan project. Reagan secretly supported Contra Rebels to fight against Russian-backed Sandinistas, and they began selling weaponry to Iran to bankroll the mission. That, however, was not the end of it. Grace Mallory was charged by the C.I.A. with smuggling coke into the United States, which the Contra Rebels held, and then using the earnings for their covert operation. In other words, in their struggle against the Reds, the Reagan administration buried their hands in all kinds of dirt. There was also an unwritten guideline whereby smugglers were instructed to distribute cocaine exclusively to minorities’ neighbourhoods in order to eliminate two adversaries with a single shot and thereby further their white supremacy cause.

The administrators deployed superhero team Payback to aid Mallory on her objective in late 1984, when the programme was in full swing. Mallory quickly discovered, however, that the entire Payback squad, which included young Gunpowder, Crimson Countess, Swatto, Mindstorm, the T.N.T. Twins, and Black Noir, was nothing more than a bunch of buffoons who had the ability to destroy the entire mission. She detested the Soldier Boy, who, like a cocky college student, flaunted his abilities and began hitting on Mallory. He is referred to as a ‘boy’ due to his juvenile demeanour. Mallory wanted to get rid of them, but Standford Edgar, a Vought American associate at the time, informed him that Vought had formed a special partnership with the American government in the global war against communism, and that under this new partnership, the US government allowed superheroes to join the military for the first time in 30 years. As a result, Vought’s strategy to get into the military was not new, but had been a goal since the outset of the conflict. When Mallory sought to send them away, Edgar gave her a special authorization letter signed by Mallory’s superior, Director Casey, and she was forced to fight alongside the Contra Rebels, much to her dismay.

In this flashback, we also meet Black Noir, also known as Earving, an African-American who hid behind a mask because America wasn’t ready for a black superhero. Noir and Edgar had a special bond, which is why Edgar entrusted him with the most important assignments even in the current day and made him a member of “The Seven” after Payback was dismantled. Soldier Boy appeared on television for the first time in Season 3 of “The Boys,” and based on his behaviour and appearance, he was no less of a nuisance than Homelander, and so may appear as a potential nemesis for this season.

Despite this, Swatto, the buzzing bee, took for a stroll in the open sky and was discovered by the Sandinistas, who swiftly armed themselves and assaulted Contra Rebel’s base as the other superheroes basked in the sun. Gunpowder gunned down everyone around them, even the Contra Rebels, because the Sandinistas had brought Russian forces with them. Black Noir, who refused to remove his mask and disclose his true face to the world, sustained terrible facial wounds as a result of which he was forced to wear a mask for the rest of his life. The Russians, on the other hand, took advantage of the distraction and used a special gadget to combat Soldier Boy, then flew away with his body on a chopper. And, while Crimson Countess believed Soldier Boy was dead, it’s more probable that he sustained some injuries, as he’s set to make a comeback in the following episodes, as shown in the Season 3 teaser.

In the end, the government granted Vought complete immunity while Mallory lost 116 soldiers, prompting her to begin her lengthy battle with the pharmaceutical behemoth.

Season 3 Episode 3 of ‘The Boys’ – Butcher Plans A Trip To Russia

Billy The Butcher had been acting strangely for the whole third season of “The Boys,” most likely as a result of injecting himself with unstable V24 in the previous episode. Throughout the event, his heart had been pounding, his blood smelt strange, and he felt puky, which could be a side effect of the serum. But he ignored them all since the only thing that mattered to him was to exact vengeance on all of the world’s superheroes, particularly Homelander. Mallory told Billy that she kept information about Operation Charly and the special superweapon hidden because she knew Billy would go on the hunt for it after Homelander raped Becca, and that he wouldn’t just stop with Homelander, but would eventually turn into a “supe-terminator,” killing hundreds of unwitting super-humans.

Billy may have sworn everyone around him that he would never be like his father, a brutal, heartless guy, but his genetics were gradually catching up with him. Billy rudely reminded Ryan how he killed his own mother when Ryan asked him to spend some time with him and stay at the house for a little longer. Billy seems to desire revenge more than love or family based on this exchange, and his obsessive preoccupation with it will most likely be his undoing.

When Billy returned to his office, Frenchie informed him about Little Nina, a Russian drug smuggler who forced Frenchie into her shop and enquired about Frenchie’s ex-girlfriend Cherie, who had stolen 11 kilos of cocaine from Nina. Cherie lied to Frenchie earlier in the episode, claiming that she had been robbed and that she needed phoney passports to flee. Nina offered Frenchie a position working for her, but he didn’t want to drag himself into another trouble. He was content with his new life with Kimiko, but Frenchie couldn’t say no when Billy urged him to set up a meeting with Nina. Billy was excited to travel to Russia in order to learn more about Soldier Boy and the ultimate weapon the Reds had devised to combat super-humans. However, if Nina arranges for Frenchie’s journey to Russia, he will undoubtedly have to work for her in order to repay the favour. So, on his quest for vengeance, Billy will drown not just himself but also his comrades, and we hope he realises this before it’s too late.

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