Man Charged with Prostitution-Related Crime in Marion County

Man Charged with Prostitution-Related Crime in Marion County

WASHINGTON, W.Va. — Following an event in Marion County, a man is facing an unusual charge.

Stanley Bettinger, 52, has been charged with “houses of ill fame or assignation,” according to a criminal complaint filed by the Fairmont Police Department, following from an event on May 15 that occurred within Fairmont city limits.

But, technically, what is a house of ill repute?

The law has anything to do with prostitution. A person can be charged if they “engage in prostitution, lewdness, or assignation,” or if they “seek, urge, entice, or procure another to commit those acts in order to reside, enter, or remain in any house, dwelling, or otherwise,” according to West Virginia State Code. In other terms, a home of ill fame is a location where people exchange sex or sexual actions in exchange for entry or lodging.

Bettinger allegedly requested sexual intercourse in exchange for a place to stay, according to authorities.

Bettinger is being jailed on a $5,012 bond at the North Central Regional Jail.

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