‘it Melts Our Hearts’: Viral Video Shows Baby Sloth that Fell from Tree Being Reunited with Mom

Despite the fact that Mother’s Day has passed, a Costa Rican animal rescue center has shared a touching video of a mother sloth and her infant who had fallen from a tree.

More than 21 million people have seen a video of the reunion since it was released on Facebook on May 14 by the Jaguar Rescue Center in Limon, Costa Rica. The young three-toed sloth was discovered on the ground near Playa Chiquita beach on May 10th.

The baby’s mother was ascending higher into the woods, so a staff member “took the infant to the vet for a check-up,” according to the center’s post. “The sloth was in good health and had no injuries.”

The center’s staff recorded the baby’s cry before “playing it near the tree to draw the parent’s attention (and) we waited patiently till the mom came down for the baby,” according to the post.

The mother sloth can be seen gently making its way down the tree before hugging her youngster, which is held up by an employee.

“Every time we see a mother and her baby reunited, it melts our hearts,” the center stated.

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