Gunfire Erupts at Chicago Hot Dog Stand Across from Little Village School

Gunfire Erupts at Chicago Hot Dog Stand Across from Little Village School

CHICAGO – When gunshots erupted just metres away from a Little Village elementary school on Tuesday afternoon, two people were shot and injured.
Gunfire was exchanged at 23rd Place and Western Avenue shortly after 3 p.m., according to Chicago police. The shooting took place across the street from Finkl Academy in the parking lot of Donald’s Famous Hot Dogs.

A Chicago Public Schools representative verified that the school was placed on a temporary lockdown due to police activity in the area. There were no students wounded. Despite this, the school community was disturbed by the shooting.

According to activists in Little Village, the shooting was caused by a feud between two local gangs.

The hand of a 17-year-old man was shot. He drove himself to Mt. Sinai Hospital, where he is in stable condition, according to police.

According to authorities, another man, whose age is unknown, was also shot. He, too, drove himself to the hospital to be treated. His condition was not made public right away.
As police investigated on Tuesday afternoon, evidence markers were spread across the parking lot of the hot dog business.

An adjacent pickup truck had bullet holes, and another car’s glass had been damaged.

Officers were collecting evidence a few blocks away from the shooting scene around 23rd Street and Seeley Avenue while they investigated the shooting. They were photographing an SUV that had bullet holes as well. The two incidents were not linked, according to police.

“We’re just surprised at how easy it is for them to get guns,” Little Village Community Council president Baltazar Enriquez said. Tuesday’s incident, according to Enriquez, is yet another reminder of what needs to change.

“Generational trauma is something we’re dealing with. Our youngsters have become accustomed to mortality, which is not typical of any community “Enriquez stated. Every Friday, his organisation begins delivering mental health therapy to the community. It also wants to branch out into after-school and summer programmes for kids.

“What we’re trying to do is influence the children’s perspectives that it’s okay to communicate to us,” Enriquez explained. On the Little Village Community Council’s website, you may learn more about the organisation and its programmes.

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