Chief Brown Addresses Crime Concerns in Salt Lake City’s Ballpark Neighborhood

Chief Brown Addresses Crime Concerns in Salt Lake City's Ballpark Neighborhood (1)

(CSU) – Neighbors who are concerned about persistent crime issues in the Ballpark neighborhood are something Salt Lake City Police Chief Mike Brown hears all the time. “Comments like those worry me as a chief.” “It motivates me to devote more and do more to make that community safer,” Brown told 2News.

After a weekend stabbing on State Street killed a man, Chief Brown sat down exclusively with CSU.

“The goal is always to prevent that type of crime,” Brown said, “but if we can’t, the purpose is always to hold those who perpetrate it accountable.”

Officers arrived at the stabbing scene within three minutes, according to Salt Lake City Police. Detectives nabbed a suspect within hours of conducting an investigation and following up on leads from witnesses.

“Wonderful work by the cops.” This is an example of a community banding together to solve a crime. “We nabbed the culprit because those businesses came up to help us and those witnesses,” Brown added.

Residents in the vicinity are still uneasy, even though a suspect for the stabbing has been arrested. “My fear is that this will turn into the Wild West,” said Robert Danielson, a Ballpark business owner.

Danielson says he sees a lot of drug, prostitution, and street crime in the summer, and it constantly gets worse. He stated, “We need to talk about this so we can address it.”

When he phones the Salt Lake City Police Department, Danielson says he gets a prompt response. However, he believes that citizens, community leaders, government, and law enforcement must work together to solve the neighborhood’s recurring difficulties.

“We’re putting hundreds of millions of dollars at this problem, and it’s not getting better; it’s getting worse,” he added. Chief Brown said the department is working on a strategic plan to guarantee public safety in the Ballpark community, which will include neighbourhood bike unit patrols.

Brown also cited the success of a department programme that had cops dealing with minor crimes over the phone. Salt Lake City Police have received 11,000 calls for service over the phone since the programme began in October, allowing officers to focus on more pressing matters, according to Brown.

“Taking those lower-level crimes and dealing with them over the phone frees up our police to assist prevent crime,” Brown added. Brown went on to say that the agency is still looking for officers to help with reaction and investigation.

Brown stated, “I want you to know that we are listening, that we are working hard, and that we will always be there for you.”

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