Man Arrested for Multiple Parole Violations After Evading Police

Man Arrested for Multiple Parole Violations After Evading Police

According to authorities, Manuel Huerta, 19, was captured on various counts after escaping police with the help of Hanford Police Department K9 Nico.

A Hanford officer on patrol spotted a vehicle speeding over the speed limit southbound on N. Douty Street headed toward Grangeville Boulevard on May 12 at 5:40 p.m. While turning into Grangeville Boulevard, the car allegedly did not stop at the lights.

The police chased the automobile and phoned in the licence plate, which confirmed it was stolen. Huerta, the driver, eventually abandoned the vehicle and fled south. Huerta ran and hid in numerous backyards, necessitating the use of K9 Nico to track him down.

Huerta surrendered as K9 Nico approached, obeying all directions. Huerta is said to have acknowledged to driving the stolen car and fleeing the cops. Huerta was arrested at Kings County Jail while on parole with an outstanding arrest warrant.

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