Spike in Lincoln Park, CTA crime prompt CPD to cancel time off for officers

CHICAGO (CSU) – Following a gunshot and robbery on the city’s North Side, as well as violence on the CTA, the Chicago Police Department is under fire. Officer patrols have been increased in response to a recent uptick in crime in portions of the Lincoln Park neighbourhood.

Residents gathered Monday night and will meet again Tuesday night for a CAPS meeting to examine recent crimes. The conference takes place while one of their own, who was shot during a violent heist, continues to struggle for his life. Dakotah Earley, 23, is still in serious condition after being shot three times last Friday, according to authorities.

After an armed robbery in Lincoln Park, a 23-year-old man is battling for his life. Earley was at Webster and Wayne Avenue about 3 a.m. when a guy jumped out from behind a building, brandished a revolver, and demanded his phone. Earley was robbed and then shot three times in the back and head at close range during the fight.

Surveillance footage caught the whole event. Unknown perpetrators were caught on video stealing catalytic converters between Wayne and Webster on Sunday night. Officers’ leave time has been cancelled in the week coming up to Memorial Day Weekend, according to Chicago Police News Affairs. 12-hour hours are expected.

Fr. Michael Pfleger of St. Sabrina says this is a horrible idea. “…In many minds, it opens the door for worn-out police to make more errors, be emotionally overwhelmed, or just decide they’re not going to do anything except put in their time,” he said in a statement. Why would we let someone with a gun and responsibility for public safety to work long hours?” We don’t allow airline pilots or truck drivers to work long hours.

FOP President John Catanzara feels that having more officers work longer hours is a losing approach, and that cancelling off days occurs without notice to the rank and file.

“They’re really haphazard right now,” he remarked. “Other than violence, there is no rhyme or purpose.” It only goes to show that even with all the overtime in 2020, there was still a lot of violence. We still had 800 murders and 12,000 firearms confiscated in 2021, despite all the overtime.”

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