Police Respond to Incident in Saco, Bridge Closed

Police Respond to Incident in Saco, Bridge Closed (1)

SACO, Maine (CSU) — Saco is a small town in the state of Maine. According to Maine State Police and Saco Police, an incident in Saco Friday night resulted in the Market Street bridge being closed for many hours.

According to Saco Police Chief Jack Clements, a driver of a vehicle died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound after being pulled over.

According to Clements, it all started with a domestic violence incident in Bridgton.

According to him, Bridgton Police received a complaint of an argument in which someone was reportedly “threatening with a dangerous weapon.”

The person and a vehicle were both observed departing the scene, prompting police to issue an arrest warrant.

A Saco officer on routine patrol saw the automobile on New County Road and chased it until it could be halted, according to Clements.

According to Clements, the officer heard a “pop” as he sought to urge the driver to exit the car through the PA system.

As approximately 11 p.m. Friday, investigators from the Maine State Police Major Crimes Unit were still on the scene. The officers did not sustain any injuries.

“My folks are OK,” Clements added. “This isn’t something that happens all that frequently in our area.”

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