Witnesses Detail Crime that Led up To Floyd’s Warrant

Witnesses Detail Crime that Led up To Floyd's Warrant (1) (1)

(CSU) ROCKFORD, Ill. – When McHenry County Sheriff Deputy Jacob Keltner was shot and died on March 7, 2019, he was delivering a warrant from central Illinois. Witnesses recounted the circumstances that led to Keltner’s suspected shooter, Floyd Brown, being sought in McLean County on Tuesday.

Before December 23, 2018, Bloomington Police Department Officer Richard Beoletto had been on the police for 18 years. He testified Tuesday that Beoletto approached the 900 block of Acadia Drive, a central Illinois apartment complex, just before 8 p.m. that night in December.

He claims he observed Brown’s black Dodge Challenger parked in the parking lot. Beoletto remembers driving up to Brown’s Challenger in his unmarked police vehicle. Brown was seated in the vehicle, he recalls. Brown was instantly surrounded by cops, according to him, so he couldn’t flee.

Beoletto was seen coming out of his unmarked car, pointing his rifle at Brown, and saying, “Show me your hands!” in video and audio evidence provided to the court. The defendant “showed me one of his hands,” Beoletto said in court, then proceeded to reverse the Challenger, escaping cops and running off.

Multiple cops surrounded Brown’s car, the Challenger moving into reverse, driving out of the parking lot down the grass embankment, and speeding off, according to body camera video.

Beoletto claims he received a call over his radio minutes after Brown escaped, saying the car had wrecked not more than three miles away. Brown’s automobile had collided with another vehicle on Veterans Parkway and GE Road when responding officer Jared Bierbaum arrived. When cops arrived, the defendant was nowhere to be found. The police K-9 unit arrived on the site but was unable to locate Brown.

On this day, an arrest warrant was issued. Brown’s whereabouts was entrusted to the United States Marshall task team.

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