Neighbors and businesses call for crackdown on crime in Tacoma

Neighbors and businesses call for crackdown on crime in Tacoma

TACOMA, WASHINGTON – Over a dozen residents and business owners in Tacoma’s Hilltop district wrote to municipal officials to voice their alarm about increased violence.

According to Tacoma Police Department statistics, crime has increased in the area where the Hilltop community is situated. Assaults have increased by 24% year to far, while burglaries have increased by 90.9 percent.

Residents and business owners signed a statement urging the city to act and address the escalating incidence of crimes in their community. “I’d want my neighbours to be able to sleep well at night and not have to worry about their children being exposed to gunshots. That is my wish “Christian Kelley said.

Kelley lives on South M Street in Tacoma. He alleges that he and his neighbours have been frightened about their safety for many months. “What really, really irritated us was that towards the end of November, beginning of December, we began hearing gunshots, seeing weapons exhibited, and having an open-air drug market, and you know, we’re a family area,” he added.

A majority of the crimes Kelley and his neighbours are seeing are taking place at a neighbouring homeless encampment, according to Kelley and his neighbours. “I went for a stroll to Safeway to purchase something to eat for evening. On my way to Safeway, I saw a drug sale, then on my way back, I seen a man flashing a firearm “Kelley said.

Kelley and many other residents of the neighbourhood have sent a letter requesting 24-hour patrol vehicle surveillance, sidewalk maintenance, and more lighting.

The letter was written to Tacoma’s police chief, mayor, city manager, and council members, as well as many Pierce County authorities.

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