Colorado Springs Mayor Sounds Alarm on ‘Wave of Crime’

Colorado Springs Mayor Sounds Alarm on ‘Wave of Crime’

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CSU) — Mayor John Suthers of Colorado Springs told KRDO Tuesday night that the city is seeing its worst crime wave since the late 1980s. Colorado Springs has already seen 16 killings this year, according to Colorado Springs Police. Colorado Springs had only five homicides compared to the FBI’s National Incident-Based Reporting System, or NIBRS, catalogue from the same time period last year.

“It’s a major source of worry, and violent crime is on the rise,” Mayor Suthers added.

Suthers told KRDO in an interview that he has been in frequent contact with District Attorney Michael Allen to push on tougher punishments. Allen feels that the majority of violent crime offenders are repeat criminals who are released from prison too quickly.

“From a preventative standpoint, homicide is one of the most difficult crimes to deal with because so much of it is relational,” he added. “Homicide, in my view, is primarily a consequence of the sort of person who is on the streets rather than in jail.”

According to the Colorado Springs Police Department’s LexusNexus Crime Map Data and Mayor Suthers, the bulk of the violent offences happened in District 4. “The Southeast has a disproportionate quantity of violent crime calls,” he added. “However, the police are well-organized and well-equipped to deal with this.”

According to the most recent staffing figures from the Colorado Springs Police Department, 760 of the 803 open jobs have been filled. While enforcement may not be a problem, the CSPD concedes that violent crime is on the increase.

Unfortunately, the Colorado Springs region is not exempt from the national trends. There has been an upsurge in violence and killings in our community, which is consistent with national trends. Why the violence is happening does not have a clear causal solution, and it is a topic that will be researched and argued by academics and social science researchers for many years. The CSPD is devoted to balancing its resources as efficiently as possible in order to respond to the many criminal activities that affect our community.

Police Department of Colorado Springs

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