66-Year-Old Syracuse Man in Critical Condition After His Car Slams Into School Bus

66-Year-Old Syracuse Man in Critical Condition After His Car Slams Into School Bus

Syracuse, New York (CSU) – According to police, a 66-year-old Syracuse man was critically injured Monday after colliding with the rear of a school bus on the city’s South Side.

According to police and witnesses, the guy was driving a Lexus northbound on Midland Avenue at 3:43 p.m. when he smashed into a North Syracuse Central School District bus.

According to a neighbour, the bus had stopped in front of 3624 Midland Ave. to drop off a kid. When the automobile drove into the rear of the bus, the youngster had just disembarked the bus and was standing on a patch of grass.

“I heard a scream and then a crash,” said Jay Rubadeaux, 63, a Midland Avenue neighbour.

Brakes screaming and tyres squealing on the pavement were also heard by many other neighbours, followed by a tremendous explosion. One neighbour claimed she was on her front porch, reading her mail, when she saw her 17-year-old neighbour get off the bus minutes before the incident. There were no other youngsters on the bus at the time.

Neighbors bolted from their houses and dashed toward the wreckage. They dialled 911 and gave a detailed description of the situation. They discovered a vehicle partially buried behind a school bus, with fluids gushing. They observed the bus driver exit the vehicle and recall the quiet inside the vehicle.

No one knew how many passengers were in the Lexus at first, or if the driver was a male or a woman. “Are you OK?” neighbours screamed to the driver. “Can you hear me?” I ask.

There was no response.

Three minutes and 12 seconds after the first 911 call, Syracuse firefighters arrived. One fireman was spotted crouching close to the vehicle, peeking through a shattered window. The Lexus’ roof was torn aside, and the car’s front remained beneath the bus.

Witnesses stated firefighters used jacks to raise the bus and reach the driver in the automobile. They pulled the 66-year-old guy out of the vehicle and into an ambulance that was already waiting nearby.

The 66-year-old guy was carried to Upstate University Hospital by an American Medical Response (AMR) ambulance, which left the scene with lights and sirens.

Syracuse police officers were on the site for many hours. Photographs and measurements were taken. According to Syracuse police spokesperson Lt. Matthew Malinowski, detectives are still attempting to figure out how fast the motorist was going and what caused the incident.

When the collision occurred, police were just down the street investigating a gunshot at 2625 Midland Ave. Syracuse firefighters were also alerted to a natural gas leak in the 3600 block of Midland Avenue while investigating the incident. The natural gas leak, according to firefighters on the site, was unconnected to the incident.

Syracuse police said they’re still looking into the wreck and shooting that happened only 40 minutes apart on Monday afternoon.

The car’s driver was still in serious condition Monday night, according to Malinowski. He said that the bus driver was unharmed.

Shortly after 5 p.m., a Big Red tow truck with a boom pulled the school bus off the automobile. Both automobiles were eventually taken away from the accident site.

Anyone with information on the accident is asked to contact Syracuse police’s traffic division at (315) 442-5130.

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