Ninety-Six on The Run Crime Suspects Arrested by Police in Kirklees

Ninety-Six on The Run Crime Suspects Arrested by Police in Kirklees

As part of its Operation Tricehouse assault on wanted offenders, Kirklees Police’s newly formed Catch and Control Team has announced it is keeping up the pressure on crime suspects.

Between March 7 and March 25, 96 persons were detained on suspicion of 310 crimes, including several arrests for crimes against women.

Twenty of those apprehended and arrested were wanted for stalking and harassment-related offences, while the other twenty were charged with domestic violence.

Kirklees has developed a new Catch and Control Team as part of a reorganisation of offender management.

It’s a new tool designed to track down known criminals who fail to follow the terms of their bail or prison sentence and show no evidence of trying to change their ways.

The squad will also assist Kirklees Neighbourhood Policing Teams in managing priority crime and will be available to flood an area if a crime trend, such as break-ins or car thefts, appears to be developing.

It will combine investigative police work, high-tech tools like as ANPR, and high-visibility policing to track down criminals and provide community confidence.

“When we launched this operation, we made it clear that our goal was to crank up the heat on individuals avoiding justice, and the number of arrests made reflects the impact it has had,” Detective Inspector Dale Sawdon, who leads the Catch and Control Team, said.

“There was also a strong focus on those who commit crimes against women, as seen by the dozens of arrests made by officers for such offences.”

“Although the operation is now over, the Catch and Control Team is out working in communities a day in and day out with colleagues to monitor released prisoners, locate wanted offenders and provide support to colleagues in hotspot crime areas,” said Superintendent Helen Brear of Kirklees District Police.

“More operations involving specialised police equipment and techniques are planned in the coming weeks and months to help keep communities in Kirklees safer and keep the spotlight on criminals avoiding justice,” says the statement.

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