Colorado Crime Rates Spiked Across the Board with 3 Exceptions

Colorado Crime Rates Spiked Across the Board with 3 Exceptions (1)

With three exceptions, crime rates in Colorado increased across the board.

(CSU) DENVER — According to a new analysis, crime in Colorado hasn’t been concentrated in any one place.

In a new analysis, the Common Sense Institute, a policy think tank in Colorado, put a cash amount on the costs and patterns of crime in 2021. Former Republican District Attorney George Brauchler and former Democratic District Attorney Mitch Morrisey collaborated on the study, which was created in a bipartisan manner.

Between 2020 and 2021, Colorado’s crime rates increased in a dozen categories but decreased in only three.

Theft of motor vehicles is Colorado’s most serious crime problem. Between 2020 and 2021, motor vehicle theft rates increased by 32%, cementing its position as the state with the highest car theft rates.

Property crimes and crimes against people have also increased. Purchasing stolen property increased by 25%, fraud increased by 23%, and larceny/theft increased by 3%. Murder, rape, and robbery all increased by 18%, 7%, and 7%, respectively.

Only three crime categories saw decreases: burglary, arson, and prostitution.

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