Deputies Investigating Fatal Shooting in Kingstree

Deputies Investigating Fatal Shooting in Kingstree

(CSU) KINGSTREE, S.C. – Anyone with information on a tragic shooting in Williamsburg County is asked to contact the Williamsburg County Sheriff’s Office.

According to Sheriff’s spokeswoman Daryel Moyd, deputies were dispatched to the 20 block of M & M Road on Tuesday after a shooting was reported. Deputies discovered a gunshot victim on the ground in front of a house there.

According to Moyd, the victim died at the site as a result of their injuries.

There has been no word on a motive or a description of the shooter.

Call the sheriff’s office at 843-355-6381 if you have any information on the shooting.

The shooting, according to investigators, occurred outside the house. Before deputies arrived, the gunman fled the area in a dark-colored SUV, according to deputies.

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