2 Arrested After Attempted Catalytic Converter Theft, Shooting

2 Arrested After Attempted Catalytic Converter Theft, Shooting

Bakersfield, California (CSU) — An attempted theft of a catalytic converter resulted in a shootout and the arrest of two guys, one of whom had four other criminal cases pending.

Adam Robert Sickler, 32, and Anthony Aldaco, 26, appeared in court on Friday, April 19, for their next hearing.

According to sheriff’s officers, three persons were stopped Monday while removing catalytic converters from a car in the 8600 block of Taft Highway. The robbers discharged a revolver at the individual who reported the crime as they drove away after a short skirmish.

There were no injuries.

Deputies located and stopped a car matching the description of the suspects’ vehicle an hour later, according to authorities. Sickler and Aldaco were taken into custody.

On 2 charges of assault with a weapon on a person, firing at an occupied motor vehicle, carrying a loaded pistol without registration, and conspiracy, Sickler is being detained on $1 million bonds.

Aldaco is accused of making terroristic threats and conspiring with others. He’s being jailed on a $500,000 bond.

According to court records, Sickler has four other cases on his docket over the previous two years, including accusations of firing at an occupied motor vehicle, gang membership, burglary, dangerously dodging a peace officer, and narcotics possession while armed with a loaded revolver.

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