19-Year-Old Accused of Murder in Fatal Kansas City Shooting Involving Ar-Style Rifle

19-Year-Old Accused of Murder in Fatal Kansas City Shooting Involving Ar-Style Rifle

Last month, a 19-year-old is suspected of fatally shooting another young man outside a house in Kansas City’s Fairlane area after a brawl between youngsters. The Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office stated Thursday that Terrance J. Robinson, of Kansas City, was charged with felony murder, two counts of armed criminal action, and illegal weapon use. Authorities say he fatally wounded Davonte Robinson after shooting him with an AR-15-style gun.

According to court documents, officers were summoned to the junction of 101st Street and Fremont Avenue on the evening of Feb. 22 for a suspected firearms disturbance. Officers were notified of a gunshot while on their way to the scene. When officers arrived, they discovered the victim with a gunshot wound to the head on the kitchen floor of a nearby home. He was rushed to Research Medical Center via ambulance, where doctors determined that he could not be rescued. Days later, Davonte Robinson was transported to Truman Medical Center, where he was still alive as of March 18. At the time, he was regarded as legally deceased.

Several witness testimony and a surveillance footage obtained by a home security camera led detectives and investigators to suspect Terrance Robinson as the shooter, according to court documents. Around 5 p.m., two cars were seen outside the home in the 6300 block of E. 101st St., according to footage from a neighbor’s Ring doorbell camera.

On the day of the shooting, police pursued one, which resulted in a collision and the arrest of the driver. According to authorities, one witness volunteered to transport several youths over to the shooting house in order to meet up and fight there. According to court filings, several adolescents participating in the battle recounted the fight plan, including one who told a detective she heard gunshots and observed the victim “laying on the stairs covering the smaller kids.” She also said she spotted a guy with a long pistol aiming at the home, whom authorities recognised as Robinson. Police tried to halt a second car that was thought to have been at the residence that day, with Robinson inside, about a week after the shooting. He was detained together with a lady and transported to police headquarters for questioning.

According to court papers, Robinson refused to talk with police about what transpired on February 22nd. Robinson was arrested for burglary and was being detained in the Jackson County Jail. A detective working on the investigation listened in on Robinson’s prison conversations, during which he reportedly discussed the firearm that was used in the shooting with others. Police were allowed permission to investigate a home after the AR-style weapon was located under a bed, based in part on that information. Shell shells were also discovered at the shooting location and inside the SUV in which Robinson was detained earlier this month. The casings are all said to be from the same gun, according to authorities.

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