Recent Crime Wave Has Community Increasing Security

Recent Crime Wave Has Community Increasing Security

HONOLULU (CSU) – Honolulu police say there have been two armed robberies in the past day from Kunia to Honolulu. This, along with other shootings around the state, has politicians concerned and residents demanding action.

The latest crime wave, according to Sen. Lynn DeCoite, Vice Chair of the Public Safety Committee, is “scary.”

Sen. Lynn DeCoite (D) Lanai, Molokai, Paia stated, “It’s incredibly frightening that in a place that we call the aloha state, we’re having something like this happen.”

The community is raising concerns in a variety of places, from private homes to local businesses. The Hawaii Chamber of Commerce says it has received reports of frightening circumstances at stores.

“At a time when they’re still rebuilding from the epidemic and the losses they’ve suffered,” Sherry Menor-McNamara, President and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii, said. “As a result, we’re hoping that something can be done about it.”

Businesses like Cam Security have been inundated with calls since the run of crimes started.

“We’ve noticed an increase in consumers contacting out to us after news about communities that have had a robbery, shooting, or anything deadly happen in that area,” said Cam Security’s Kingston Dias.

Home and business owners are advised to go above and beyond to safeguard themselves.

“Get a security system, such as an alarm or a camera,” Dias said. “Ideally, it should be professionally installed by us or another security company, or it should be something you can find DIY.” Just make sure your belongings and property are safe.”

To address the problem, state legislators are working together.

“We’ll go through some information briefings with HPD,” DeCoite added. “HPD has been summoned.” Sen. Lorraine Inouye, me, and Chair Nishihara. We’ll talk about some of these issues and how to go ahead, whether it’s via enforcement, education, or safety.”

DeCoite has a message for the community as they fight to enhance public safety.

“As long as this goes on, it’s astonishing and disturbing. “I just want everyone to be careful, think about it, and just embrace each other out there,” DeCoite added.

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