Pete Davidson Getting TROLLED by Kanye West for Deleting His Instagram and Kim Kardashian Is Not Happy About It

Pete Davidson Getting TROLLED by Kanye West for Deleting His Instagram and Kim Kardashian Is Not Happy About It

We’re here to put some light on the current saga involving Pete Davidson and Kanye West, who have both deactivated their Instagram accounts.

The Kanye West-Kim Kardashian relationship has been the subject of much discussion for some time now, and everyone has formed their own opinions on it. Despite Kim’s best efforts to separate, Kanye West remains optimistic that the couple may mend their relationship.

West is enraged because Davidson has been in touch with his ex-girlfriend, and he couldn’t bear to hear that Davidson is trying to tie the knot with Kim Kardashian. According to the sources, Kanye has been issuing frequent warnings to the star, but he has not been paying attention, even though things have escalated to an entirely new level.

Because of Kanye West, Pete Davidson has deactivated his Instagram account.

When Kanye stepped forth to attack Pete this past Thursday, the fans believed this may have contributed to Pete’s decision to deactivate his Instagram account. A few days after Kim’s appearance, something has occurred. According to reports, Kim has been pleading with the court to declare her legally single because West refuses to accept that their relationship is over. Still, the rapper believed that everything could be healed when she filed the court documents on Wednesday.

Things haven’t been going well for Kim Kardashian since she filed for divorce in February, and the court’s process has been dragged down as a result.

Since the split from Kim Kardashian, Kanye West’s primary strategy has been to go public with the situation and, more importantly, to try to win her back by making a series of gestures. When Kanye spoke about this, he also said that he thinks that Kim and West will have to work things out on their own, which would have a significant impact on other couples who are going through difficult times.

Even though Kanye lavished Kim with Valentine’s Day gifts, including a truckload of roses, things aren’t looking well between the couple despite all the showy gestures. Pete Davidson has also deactivated his Instagram account due to the threats and rumors around him, and Kim Kardashian has been pleading with Kanye West to stop harassing him.

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