Woman Dead in Navarre House Fire, 1-Year-Old Boy Rescued

Woman Killed in Navarre House Fire, 1-Year-Old Boy Rescued

On Tuesday morning, a 1-year-old infant boy was saved from a house fire in Navarre, Texas, but a lady was murdered in the blaze.

Around 10:45 a.m., the 2200-block on Jeannie Street in Holley-Navarre saw a fire break out. Heavy smoke was reported coming from a mobile home, and emergency personnel responded.

Firefighters from Holley-Navarre Fire claim the Captain from E45 heard sobbing from inside the house as they were preparing at the front door. “He broke inside the house right away and was able to identify and rescue a 15-month-old boy. Near the front door of the smoky house, a small infant was found in a playpen.”

Sacred Heart Hospital was the destination for the little one. EMS transported him to Shands Hospital in Gainesville when they discovered he had burns covering over 30% of his body.

Efforts to put out the blaze and hunt for another victim were not complete.

Crews from Holley-Navarre Fire District say they could find an adult female in the hallway near the rear bedroom after putting out the blaze and improving visibility inside the house. In a sad twist of fate, she had passed away.

The identity of the woman has still not been established.

The cause of the blaze is currently under investigation by the Florida State Fire Marshal’s Office. The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office and the Medical Examiner’s Office are also investigating the tragedy.

There were no other recorded injuries.

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