Kanye West ATTACKING Pete Davidson again amid Music Video Controversy

Kanye West ATTACKING Pete Davidson again amid Music Video Controversy

Kanye West takes another shot at Pete Davidson in his latest music video. This fight is not going to go the rapper’s way. We’ve all seen how the public received his last album. But Kanye West hasn’t let that stop him from making fun of Pete Davidson. Because of this, Kim Kardashian is upset. She’s fed up with Kanye’s controversies. Kanye West’s new music video has enraged Pete Davidson’s fans.

Another Kanye West Diss in His Music Video.

Pete Davidson has once again become the target of the world-renowned rapper. “Eazy,” his latest music video, has gone viral. Pete Davidson seems like a claymation character in the song video. He tied him up and buried him in the ground Fans of Pete Davidson should be shocked by this. Kanye West has recently released a new section of his song video, which depicts a cartoon, Pete Davidson. The comic had suffered severe injuries as a result of the altercation! His hoodie bore the inscription “Skete.” Fans of Pete Davidson will find the images distressing.

The new album by Kanye West is receiving a lot of negative feedback. Kanye West’s new album has startled Kim. Despite Kanye’s repeated attacks, she is not happy about it. In contrast, Pete has decided to disregard Kanye’s assault. Still no word from him about the song video. Pete appreciates Kanye since he knows his feelings for his family and ex-wife, but Kanye doesn’t. Kanye West has maintained an outspoken presence on social media throughout his career. A hard patch has been plaguing him since his divorce. Kim and Kanye have opted to share parental responsibilities for their four children. However, Kanye is eager to have Kim back in his life.

Ex-Wife Kim Kardashian’s Obsession With Kanye West.

Kanye West is an unstoppable force. He’s already made an apology to Kim for his brutal behavior. On the other hand, she is adamant about adhering to her ultimate decision. We recently learned the final terms of their divorce settlement. Kanye isn’t ready to give up on his ex-wife Kim. Because of this, he’s always coming down hard on the Kardashians. Pete Davidson is now making Kim happy. Their romance is taking a serious turn. Kanye is not happy about this. He has been publicly criticizing Pete Davidson for a few months now.

Kanye West is not ready to move on. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian will never be able to reconcile. Kim has had enough of Kanye’s erratic behavior and attacks. Her ex-husband has no hold on her anymore. The truth is that she wants Kanye to move on in his life. Fans of Kanye West are rallying around him. That said, Kanye’s erratic antics are causing a stir among the Kardashian clan’s followers. Kim aspires to devote her time and attention solely to her children. She intends to concentrate on her professional life. Kanye West is continuously making Kim Kardashian’s life a challenge.

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