White House briefs TikTok creators on Ukraine

White House briefs TikTok creators on Ukraine

According to several media sources, the White House briefed roughly 30 creators covering Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on Thursday.

Press secretary Jen Psaki and special communications adviser Matt Miller of the White House Security Council, led the briefing. The Washington Post initially broke the story about the briefing.

As the war in Ukraine rages on, Gen Zers worldwide is turning to TikTok for real-time updates from those on the ground there. News and current events have been made available to the app’s users, thanks mainly to the app.

“Strategic goals in the region” were discussed with members of TikTok’s team, and Psaki, a spokesperson for the National Security Council, “answered questions on how the United States might react to a Russian the use nuclear weapons.”

According to an official who spoke to CNN about the briefing, it was because of how many “millions of views” the video’s makers have received while discussing the situation in Ukraine.

One of the White House’s digital strategists, Rob Flaherty, stated that the administration recognizes “this is a critical avenue” for Americans to get their news and that they want to make sure the influencers have the “latest information from an authoritative source,” according to a recording obtained by the Post.

“I still cannot believe how privileged I am to have attended a White House briefing yesterday to be armed with real information about how America is aiding Ukraine and our European allies,” TikTok creator Aaron Parnas tweeted on Friday.

At CNN, Parnas, the son of Rudy Giuliani ex-colleague Lev Parnas, said that administration officials were permitted to be quizzed by influencers “about what people who view our platforms cared about.”

The White House meeting comes when Russian TikTok influencers are allegedly being paid to spread propaganda about the invasion.

There was no response from the White House to a request for comment from The Hill.

The White House has worked with TikTok creators before as a strategy to refute misinformation.

Dr. Anthony Fauci and several TikTok stars collaborated on a campaign last year to boost the number of young people vaccinated against infectious diseases.

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