Gas Prices at The Pump: This Is What Fuel Is Costing People in Houston Area

Gas Prices at The Pump: This Is What Fuel Is Costing People in Houston Area

Houston — The Russian invasion of Ukraine is raising tensions, so we’ve compiled a list of Houston gas prices you should be aware of.

According to the non-profit American Automobile Association, petrol prices in Texas were an average of $3.61 on Saturday and $4.01 nationwide. This page displays current pricing. According to AAA, the highest gas prices in the United States are in California, where the average price is $5.28 a gallon.

The Gas Buddy app lets you keep tabs on current gas prices at stations all across the Houston region. To learn more about the stations and their rates in your region, use the interactive map to the right.

You may tell us where you obtained the greatest gas pricing in the comments below.

Also, prices are being monitored by the Data Herald. According to the county, they are as follows for the state of Texas.

Gas Prices at The Pump This Is What Fuel Is Costing People in Houston Area

Oil prices have risen to their highest level since 2014 as a result of recent war issues in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. A weekly increase in the average Texas gas price has been avoided for the first time in six weeks. Texans, on the other hand, are spending 35% more on petrol than they did a year ago, making 2017 the state’s most expensive year for retail gas in over seven years. Market observers expect prices to rise, especially as the spring vacation season approaches.

“Don’t anticipate the slowdown to become a pattern as crude oil prices continue to increase amid geopolitical & supply chain difficulties,” said AAA Texas spokesman Daniel Armbruster. “The increasing momentum from prices at the pump may have stalled for a minute.” AAA Texas warns consumers that unless your car requires premium fuel, you’re probably simply squandering money, according to AAA Automotive study, with Texas gasoline costs 35 percent higher than one year ago.”

According to, drivers in Texas, Mississippi, and Oklahoma are paying the second-lowest average gas price in the country. Arkansans pay the least per gallon, with an average of $3.20.

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