Trigger Point season 2: Release date rumours, cast, plot and latest news

Trigger Point season 2 Release date rumours, cast, plot and latest news

After weeks of nail-biting stress as explosives officer Lana Washington (Vicky McClure) faced off against a crafty terror cell, viewers were able to breathe a collective sigh of relief as Trigger Point episode six aired on ITV, putting an end to weeks of nail-biting tension.

The primary plot is nicely wrapped up in the series finale, but producer Jed Mercurio (Line of Duty) and writer Daniel Brierley have made it plain that this is just the beginning – and ITV has agreed, recommissioning the series for a second season.

Lana faced many catastrophic personal losses and fought guilt over members of the public that she was unable to rescue throughout this first run of episodes, which proved to be nothing short of horrific for her.

Brierley noted how the psychological consequences of these tragedies would be a primary emphasis of a prospective second season in an interview with

Continue reading for more information, but be aware that there are spoilers ahead.

Will there be a second season of Trigger Point?

Yes! ITV has announced that Trigger Point will be renewed for a second season.

Producer Jed Mercurio claimed ahead of the program’s debut that the show was designed to be a “returner,” while writer Daniel Brierley told that there is “a whole galaxy of possibilities” on where to take the tale further.

“We’ll see what ITV thinks,” he continued. In a sense, the ball is in their court.”

When it comes to the releasing date, ITV has said that the series will be broadcast in 2023. We’ll update this page when we learn more.

Who is in the second season of Trigger Point’s cast?

Vicky McClure, who starred in Line of Duty, will reprise her role as Met Police explosives officer Lana Washington. It’s still unclear what she’ll be addressing in Season 2.

Danny (Eric Shango), a valued squad member and secret handshake partner, as well as colleague-turned-secret boyfriend Thom Youngblood, might all make appearances (Mark Stanley).

Brierley has shown interest in bringing back John Hudson (Kris Hitchen), one of the first season’s villains, for a redemption arc in a prospective follow-up in an interview with

“I feel that John and Kris – both the actor and the character – have so much more to offer us,” he remarked. He might return in the future, and I’m sure there are plenty more tales to tell.”

In the first six episodes, prominent characters such as explosives inspector Joel Nutkins (Adrian Lester), misguided adolescent Billy Washington (Ewan Mitchell), and bomber Karl Maguire (Warren Brown) all met a gruesome death.

Given a result, none of the above are likely to reappear in a hypothetical season two, as the programme hasn’t used flashbacks as a narrative element so far, and that’s about the only way they might return.

What may happen in season 2 of Trigger Point?

The major plotline of a prospective Trigger Point season 2 would most likely revolve around another terror campaign engulfing London, although it’s unknown whether the perpetrators would be English Flag or another extremist group at this time.

Brierley has also said that he would want to explore more into the complicated psychology that supports Lana Washington’s remarkable capacity to persevere in the face of adversity.

“I believe Lana is tough as nails, and that’s part of her appeal,” Brierley said, “but [the trauma] can’t help but have an effect, and that was very intriguing.”

“And if we get any future series, we want to really focus on that character and see whether it’s beneficial to look into these topics.” Is it possible to get around this by just living with them?

“It’s such a fascinating issue to deal with since Lana’s impulse would be to seek aid and speak out,” he continued. But her concern is that if she speaks if she gives in to her uncertainty and fear, she will lose her efficacy… That’s how she feels, but there could be another way.”

Is there a trailer for the 2nd season of Trigger Point?

Take it easy! Trigger Point has just recently been announced. Therefore, there isn’t a trailer yet – and there won’t be for a while.

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