Major Crime Spree Suspect Sought by APD

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The Albuquerque Police Department is looking for a suspect in a major crime spree. APD is hunting for a man who went on a violent crime spree overnight, according to police.

During the binge, the guy is suspected of breaking into three residences, stealing four cars, kidnapping three individuals, shooting at many onlookers, and driving the wrong way on I-40.


A suspect took a work vehicle from a company near Iron Avenue SE and Elm Street SE at 11:20 p.m. Sunday, according to police. A passerby checked on the driver after the vehicle crashed at Gibson and I-25, but the driver fired a shot at them before leaving on foot.


The suspect ran on foot toward Elm Street SE and Thaxton Avenue SE, where he reportedly broke into a house, kidnapped a lady, and stole her car. When officers arrived at the house just after midnight, they found this.


In the vicinity of the 7500 block of Willow Run Drive NE, the suspect traveled with the victim until the vehicle ran out of petrol. The guy then proceeded to break into a nearby residence, abandoning the vehicle and the lady. As the suspect broke into the residence and escaped with the homeowner’s white Honda, the homeowner heard a gunshot and a guy shouting upstairs, protecting his family upstairs. Officers arrived at the property at 1:30 a.m. to investigate a home invasion report and discovered the lady and her vehicle nearby.


APD also shared a report from BCSO deputies who were alerted about 2:25 a.m. by ladies who said they were kidnapped while pumping gas at a gas station between Gibson and Carlisle. Before they were taken, the ladies said the criminal discharged a pistol at them.


Around 3:20 a.m., APD responded to a house burglary in the 1000 block of Chama Street NE. Before fleeing with the homeowner’s silver Toyota Prius, the suspect wounded the homeowner and locked himself in the garage.

Officers discovered a white Honda suspected of being stolen from the Willow Run Drive residence just east of the Chama Street property. Officers also discovered a silver Prius, which they pursued as it traveled eastward on I-40 in the opposite direction.

Officers are going westbound seen the suspect depart Unser Boulevard with the Prius, which had been last seen heading north from I-40 into Fortuna.

The Prius is still missing, and APD is following up on clues concerning the suspect.

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