Epd Gets Funds for License Plate Scanning Cameras in High-Crime Areas

Epd Gets Funds for License Plate Scanning Cameras in High-Crime Areas

In high-crime areas, the EPD receives funding for licence plate scanning cameras.

(CSU) EVANSVILLE, Ind. – The city of Evansville has allocated $125,000 to the Evansville Police Department for new licence plate-reading cameras in high-crime zones.

The cameras will function similarly to a high-tech ring doorbell camera in aiding police investigations.

The Old Erie Neighborhood Association’s Demetrick Baker and his wife Teisha Flagg-Baker believe the cameras will make them feel safer.

Flock cameras are what they’re called. When a wanted or stolen car passes by a camera, the business claims the device can alert authorities in seconds. Officers may be sent to the scene, or detectives can just utilise the information.

Police said they don’t know precisely where the cameras would be placed, but that they will be in high-crime areas to assist them capture offenders.

“Hopefully, the cameras will frighten them away or force them to go somewhere else,” Teisha added.

According to Teisha and Demetrick, this technology is required due of an increase in crime.

“There’s a lot of gunshots,” Teisha remarked. “Not only on this street, but sometimes a few of streets across.”

They’re worried about their safety, as well as the safety of the neighborhood’s children and elderly.

“There are a lot of older individuals in this region,” Demetrick added. “Many of them prefer to come out and stroll to get some exercise, but many of them don’t because they’re afraid of so many people.”

Teisha explained, “I can’t even take my grandson or any of the kids down to the park during the day or when they get home from school.”

The cameras, according to EPD, might also assist discover at-risk persons who go missing, such as those with impairments or dementia.

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