Springdale Man Pleads Innocent to Capital Murder in Fayetteville Stabbing

Springdale Man Pleads Innocent to Capital Murder in Fayetteville Stabbing

FAYETTEVILLE, SC – A Springdale man pleaded not guilty Wednesday in Washington County Circuit Court to capital murder and other felony counts stemming from a deadly stabbing on Christmas Eve in Fayetteville.

David Martin Pyle, 39, has been charged with capital murder in connection with the death of Cody Tisdell, 30. If convicted of capital murder, the sentence is death or life in prison without the possibility of release.

Around 12:52 a.m. on December 24, police were sent to 1889 N. College Ave. Officers discovered Tisdell with stab wounds in the parking lot of a gambling establishment. According to a police report, first responders gave help, and Tisdell was transferred to Washington Regional Medical Center, where he was declared dead.

According to the report, witnesses at the scene noticed Pyle and Tisdell fighting in the parking lot. According to the complaint, Pyle proceeded to a vehicle, took a knife, and began fighting with Tisdell, who was unarmed.

According to the complaint, Pyle stabbed Tisdell numerous times. According to the complaint, Pyle got into his vehicle and departed.

According to authorities, surveillance footage corroborated witness testimony. Someone can be heard shouting at Pyle to put down the knife in the footage. According to the account, after being stabbed, Tisdell rushed away from Pyle and collapsed on the ground.

Police said they found Pyle at his residence on Hemlock Place near Tamarack Street in Springdale about 2:30 a.m. after the stabbing. Officers called Pyle at 10:30 a.m., but he refused to come out for many hours.

According to authorities, Pyle live-streamed footage on social media throughout the standoff, during which he said that he would not return to jail. Authorities deployed gas canisters to try to pull him out, and Pyle fired a pistol in response, according to police. Pyle’s pistol, according to police, was stolen.

Pyle emerged from the house at 7 p.m. but did not comply with authorities’ demands, according to police. Police subdued and arrested him with a stun gun.

Pyle is also accused of being a criminal in possession of a handgun, receiving stolen property, and violating probation and parole. Pyle was scheduled to appear in court on June 23 before Circuit Judge Mark Lindsay.

Pyle has a lengthy criminal history in Washington County, stretching back at least a decade, including burglary, theft, narcotics, and weapons. He’s been charged with a felony at least 11 times, and his probation or parole has been revoked many times.

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