Police Respond to Concern Over Leek Crime Figures

Police Respond to Concern Over Leek Crime Figures

A significant increase in rape cases in Leek, Staffordshire, during the previous year has been characterized as “shocking.” Last week, members of Leek Town Council received a report on crime data for the town from Staffordshire Moorlands police.

“Rape is appearing as the largest growth type in Leek, with nine incidences over the preceding 12 months, a 69% increase,” according to the data. Several of these occurrences, however, were not originally recorded.”

“My own daughter had stopped jogging owing to hostility she was experiencing when she was out,” stated Councillor Bill Cawley. “I’ve brought it up with the crime commissioner, Ben Adams since it sounds horrifying.” Staffordshire Moorlands should be given funding to assist with the problem.

“There is a problem, and the statistics are terrible.”

“We should get a full report from the police,” stated Councillor Stephen Wales. It should not be the case that the streets are unsafe. Action must be taken. “I believe we should bring in a top officer for our meeting.” We don’t want to frighten people away from attending. What are the details behind these foreboding figures?”

The Post & Times reached out to Staffordshire Police for comment on the matter. “Areas such as domestic abuse, rape, and severe sexual offenses remain force priorities, and we undertake substantial effort to prevent, protect, and deliver justice for those impacted,” said a Staffordshire Police spokesperson.

“Specially trained detectives with crucial expertise investigating sexual abuse play a critical role for victims and survivors.” “We hope that victims will have the courage to come forward and report crimes, knowing that they will be supported, treated seriously, and the claims will be examined.”

Meanwhile, the data reveals that begging/vagrancy has increased by 100% over this time period, with eight cases recorded compared to four the prior year. The majority of these are thought to have involved the female who had lately been residing in the church entryway and who we now assume has moved on from the area.

Crime has increased by 4% in the last year, with 47 more instances than the prior year. There were 1241 occurrences, an increase from 1194 the previous year. Burglary business and business robbery have both decreased by -67 percent and -50 percent, respectively. Antisocial behavior (ASB) is down 21% over the previous year.

In the previous year, there were 516 incidents; this year, there were 408, a 108-percentage-point decline. The most significant drops are ASB – fire, which is down 100% with no occurrences reported, and ASB vehicle nuisance, which is down 66% with 26 incidents. This is thought to be related to a number of road works that have occurred in the previous several months.

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