Bringing Up Bates Season 11 Will Not Air 'as Planned,' Network Announces

Bringing Up Bates Season 11 Will Not Air ‘as Planned,’ Network Announces

According to the network, Season 11 of Bringing Up Bates will not premiere ‘as scheduled.’

Bringing Up Bates has been canceled by UPtv.

The network revealed on Tuesday that the show, which was scheduled to premiere its 11th season in February, would not be renewed.

“We will not be airing Bringing Up Bates season 11 on UPtv as scheduled since, in 2022, we will be concentrating our programming on movies and a new scripted series to be revealed shortly,” UPtv stated in a statement obtained by PEOPLE.

Bringing Up Bates was about a family with 19 teenagers and little children when it originally aired. The cameras were there to capture the family’s love, laughter, and significant life events as they matured. Gil and Kelly Jo Bates, thank you for allowing us to spend the previous 10 seasons in your family’s home.” The statement continued.

“Thank you to everyone who joined us on our journey every Thursday night. We hope that our efforts will continue to help you in the future.” At that moment, the contract was switched off.

UPtv confirmed the continuation of the reality TV series for season 11 in September.

Zach, Michaela, Katie, Erin, Lawson, Carlin, Nathan, Alyssa, Tori, Trace, Josie, Jackson, Warden, Isaiah, Addallee, Ellie, Callie-Anna, Judson, and Jeb have 19 children.

The Bates family starred on 19 Kids and Counting before landing their own TLC program, United Bates of America, in 2012. During a season 5 episode in 2011, the two families, both basic Baptist Christians, planned a trip to Missouri together. (In comparison, the Duggars have nine girls and 10 boys, while the Bates have nine daughters and nine sons.)

The Bates family has expanded in size since the first episode of Bringing Up Bates aired in January 2015, as some of the Bates children have married and established their own families.

On Tuesday, the Bates family published a statement in response to UPtv’s decision to cancel their show.

“When the new year begins, our family will go through a lot of changes.” One of the most major changes for us is that the network will prioritize producing scripted family programming overextending a contract to film new Bringing Up Bates episodes. We recognize that God’s timing is always perfect, and we are thrilled about what the future holds for both our personal family and the network!” THE FAMILY GAVE A STATEMENT TO PEOPLE.

“Our family has enjoyed a terrific adventure over the previous ten seasons of shooting with Bringing Up Bates.” We never expected or desired to be on television, but we will be eternally grateful to UP for the chances that have arisen as a consequence. Filming and opening up our house has been both gratifying and tough, but there aren’t enough words to express our gratitude to the fantastic film team and everyone who has worked so hard to make this program a reality.” Their statement went on. “They’ve become like family to us and made an everlasting imprint on our lives.” We are also appreciative for the years of support we have gotten from individuals who have watched the program and messaged or prayed for us.”

Most importantly, we thank God for the experiences we’ve experienced as a family and the lessons we’ve learned along the way,” Bates concluded. We feel very lucky to have these memories. We are looking forward to the new chapters of our lives that are unfolding in front of us. We pledge to keep you informed on our life in the following days, and we hope that God abundantly blesses every one of you. Our deepest wish is for everyone of us to endeavor to learn more about God and develop in His grace.”

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