Travis Scott Facing Another Legal Challenge Outside of Astroworld Lawsuits

Outside of the Astroworld Lawsuits, Travis Scott is facing another legal battle.

In the wake of the terrible tragedy at Astroworld, Travis Scott has been slammed with yet another lawsuit. Scott is currently being sued by French artist Mickal Mehala aka Black Childish, who claims Scott misappropriated his unique artwork without his consent for his album Travis La Flame.

La Flame was supposed to be a one-of-a-kind compilation CD showcasing some of Scott’s early songs from mixtapes like Days Before Rodeo. Despite the fact that the official La Flame album was never issued, fans have become familiar with the artwork due to its frequent use. It’s even been featured on Scott’s YouTube and Tidal pages at times.

Mehala claims that after making the artwork the year before, he sent a photo of it to Scott over Instagram DMs in 2016, but that his message went unanswered. Later that year, a La Flame project found its way online, and he saw his piece there.

According to TMZ, Mehala filed paperwork in February 2019 to obtain a copyright for the work. He also claims to have contacted Travis’ management on multiple occasions but claims he didn’t hear back until 2019 when one of Scott’s attorneys sent him a message. Scott was completely ignorant that the artwork belonged to anyone, according to his lawyer. Despite the fact that the centaur featured prominently in the piece has been removed from most streaming outlets with the project, Mehala plans to take the artist to court over the matter.

In a statement to the outlet, Scott’s attorney, Ed McPherson, slammed the lawsuit. “This is clearly a baseless and frivolous complaint. Travis never released an album called La Flame, according to anyone with access to the internet. “The illustration in question was created by fans and submitted to streaming services by those fans, which any user can do,” he explained, adding that “streaming services promptly removed it after they recognized that certain people were attempting to pass this off as a legitimate album cover.” We are eager to react to this matter and seek a prompt dismissal.”

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