Man Punched in the Face So Hard Doctors Have To Remove His Eye (1)

Man Punched in the Face So Hard Doctors Have To Remove His Eye

An attack on a Houston guy during a fast trip to the grocery store resulted in the loss of an eye.

On January 12, Michael Weathersby was the victim of a horrific robbery in which he was hit so hard that surgeons had to amputate his right eye.

At around 5 p.m., Weathersby was attacked in the Fiesta Grocery Store off Fondren Road. He is presently healing at home.

The father of three told CSU, “I was just in there for two minutes.” “All of a sudden, everything was black, and I could feel things shooting out of my eye.”

Before going into the grocery store, Weathersby went to a nearby bank, according to the network.

He didn’t see the assailants coming, and the two suspects got away with some of his money, he claimed.

“I felt someone digging through my pockets when I dropped to the ground,” Weathersby added.

He claimed there were multiple witnesses to the late-afternoon robbery, but just a handful came to his help.

“How could this happen in a public location, such as a supermarket, and no one intervenes?” To CSU, Weathersby said.

He was brought to a neighboring hospital, where doctors discovered he had a ruptured eyeball and needed surgery right once. Weathersby continued, “I am in complete disbelief.”

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