On COVID and Crime Democrats Assess Risk Very Differently

Democrats around the country have been urging the country to impose tight limitations and compliance in all areas relating to COVID for almost two years. Turn your life upside down, send your child to school wearing masks to eat lunch in the cold on the yard’s ground, and obtain your two, three, or as many vaccinations you need. If it can save even one life, it’ll be worth it. These same leftists, however, have a higher risk tolerance than a drunk 22-year-old at a Vegas craps table when it comes to crime. What’s going on?

Consider what progressive Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm said about his lenient attitude to crime when he was elected in 2007 “Is there going to be someone I divert or place in a treatment program which goes out and kills someone? Yes, absolutely. Guaranteed. It’s a foregone conclusion. It has no bearing on the broader strategy.”

Last month, we saw the results of this misguided strategy when Darrell Brooks Jr., despite a rap sheet longer than a CVS ticket, escaped the turnstile of Milwaukee County’s criminal justice system to allegedly murder six people at a Christmas parade.

In New York, a graduate student was killed by a knife assault by a career criminal on the loose in Manhattan who should have been locked up.

It’s taking place around the country. It’s also turning law-abiding folks in America into second-class citizens in their own cities. While Democrats lament the dangers of the unvaccinated, despite the fact that we know the vaccinated are fully capable of transmitting COVID, our criminal class is pampered at every opportunity.

Democrats and their media friends may say that COVID, with its hundreds of thousands of deaths, is not comparable to our current crime issue. However, for the relatives of individuals who perished in preventable deaths as a result of woke prosecutors, this is scant solace. Furthermore, violence in our cities is a paralyzing force that has disastrous consequences for millions of Americans.

So, why is there such a gap in risk tolerance? Simply said, COVID has no claim to oppression, except perhaps in terms of what we are permitted to name it. Sacrificing Americans to COVID serves no purpose in terms of social justice while sacrificing Americans to crime does.

We observe this mechanism at work even with COVID. Everyone, even American residents who enter the nation legitimately, must go through a series of COVID checks, but those who enter through our spaghetti sieve of a southern border are exempt from any checks. As you can see, migrants are oppressed, and special considerations must be made for them.

Democrats lack the peace of mind to accept what they can’t change about COVID, the bravery to change what they can about crime and the insight to distinguish between the two.

The irony is that, despite our best efforts over the past two years, we have no clue how to successfully stop COVID from spreading. The Florida model, the New York model, the Sweden model, and the Australia model all have advantages and disadvantages. However, when it comes to criminality, we know exactly how to combat it. The police methods of the 1990s slashed crime in half in cities throughout America, headed by New York, and yet we have abandoned such police and prosecution procedures.

Democrats lack the peace of mind to accept what they can’t change about COVID, the bravery to change what they can about crime, and the insight to distinguish between the two.

This is not a conundrum for progressive prosecutors to solve; we know how to combat crime in our main cities, and it’s past time for us to resume doing so.

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