Authorities: 38 Animals Found Dead, Severely Neglected at Kingsland Home

Authorities 38 Animals Found Dead, Severely Neglected at Kingsland Home

After authorities say they found a grisly find at her house, a Kingsland woman is facing almost 40 animal cruelty charges.

The lady and the street she lives on will not be identified by News because the woman informed police she had previously been diagnosed with a mental health issue, according to the arrest report.

According to the arrest record, the lady was investigated by a Camden County Animal Control officer after a sick puppy was discovered in her driveway. A woman told an officer that she had no idea where the puppy came from. Later, that same officer went back to investigate the sick puppy after someone called and said they saw dead animals in her backyard.

The lady allowed the animal control officer permission to peek inside the house, where the officer found at least a dozen dead animals, according to the report. The dead animals were discovered both inside and outside the house. The animal control officer was forced to contact the Kingsland Police Department as a result of this.

A KPD officer entered the residence and was met with a strong nasty stench of excrement and urine, according to the report. The whole floor was covered with excrement, urine, and rubbish, according to the KPD officer’s report. The officer discovered many cats and pups that were still alive inside. The animals were fed from Tupperware containers, but there were no water dishes for the pups, according to the report.

According to the complaint, an 8-month-old dog called Aurora was wandering the home, which the lady said she bought on Facebook Marketplace. Aurora’s food and water bowls were both said to be empty and strewn with debris. Aurora looked to be hungry, according to the KPD officer, and the dog made multiple attempts to consume garbage that was heaped on the floor around the residence.

The animal control officer led the KPD officer to a screened-in patio in the rear of the house, where 16 plastic containers were piled on top of one another. Each container, according to the source, contained a distinct type of snake. According to the study, none of the containers included food or drink. The KPD officer inquired as to when the snakes were last fed.

“It may have been three weeks ago,” the lady allegedly said.

Five of the snakes were still alive, but 11 were dead, according to the report.

In the rear yard, there were also many wired cages and two decrepit chicken coops, according to the investigation. Unknown animal bones were uncovered on the cage floors, and 11 decaying hens were located within the chicken coops, according to the report. They looked to have been abandoned, according to investigators.

According to the report, when authorities were at the house, the lady acknowledged to them that she had a dead rabbit in a fish tank in her bedroom. Officers also discovered many sickly lizards in the house.

Officers went to the second level of the house. They found bedrooms that belonged to the woman’s children. The carpets were soaked with excrement and urine, according to the report, and the lady informed authorities her children were under the age of 17 and had lived at her house for a week before leaving the day before officers arrived.

The lady said authorities couldn’t care for the animals because she was confined during the epidemic, according to the report. She did not respond when an officer questioned why she continued to buy dogs despite her inability to care for them.

A lady was accused of being cruel to animals. The Department of Family and Children Services told the police about it, according to the arrest report.

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