Michael Strahan’s Space Trip With Jeff Bezos Sparks Criticism, Outrage

Michael Strahan's Space Trip With Jeff Bezos Sparks Criticism, Outrage

Michael Strahan, along with six other passengers, is the latest celebrity to travel to space with Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin program, and the Good Morning America anchor couldn’t control his enthusiasm on social media. “TOUCHDOWN now has a whole new meaning!!!” Strahan shared a video of his encounter on Twitter. “WOW…. that was incredible!!!”

“Yo! It’s time to fly! We’ve completed our task! I’m back at the training facility, and I’ve got to admit, it was SURR-REAL, whichever you spell it. However, it was incredible. It’s difficult to put into words. It’ll take some time to comprehend, but it couldn’t have gone any better “Before displaying his Blue Origin space suit, Strahan remarked. “I’ve received my hat. I’ve obtained my wings. I have the ability to fly. That’s what I did today. It’s going to take a lot to match this. Wow. That’s all I have to say about it. Wow. So there you have it. Michael. Out, stray astronaut.”

Many, however, were quick to point out the flight’s flaws, citing the impact of the flight’s carbon emissions on climate change as well as the other difficulties surrounding Bezos and Amazon. One Twitter user asked, “Does anybody know what these rockets are doing to the environment?” “I’m so glad you got to travel and have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. But how can we defend this when we’re experiencing F-5 tornadoes in December, which are unmistakably caused by climate change?”

Another individual stated, “Thank you for your big contribution to global warming with your futile space tourism.” Another worried individual said, “You’ve squandered millions to feel a few minutes of zero-gravity [face palm emoji].” “Did you realize that each passenger on your pleasure ride emits 75 tonnes of carbon, aggravating climate change?” another individual said. “All for the affluent and famous to spend ten minutes in space. There is a Climate Emergency.”

Bezos has lately been under fire after an Amazon warehouse in Edwardsville, Illinois, collapsed due to a devastating tornado on Friday night. While Bezos acknowledged the tragedy, calling it “tragic,” the billionaire was quickly back on Instagram, promoting the Blue Origin space program.

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