Lawyer Brian Schwalb To Run for D.C. Attorney General

Lawyer Brian Schwalb To Run for D.C. Attorney General

Brian Schwalb, a prominent trial attorney and partner-in-charge of the Venable law firm’s D.C. office, is the latest contender to enter the city’s wide-open contest for the next chief legal officer in 2022.

In The interview, Schwalb, who is running as a Democrat, revealed his decision. He is a native of D.C. and a Ward 3 resident, and he claims that his expertise handling challenging cases for people and small businesses qualifies him to head the office, building on the work of current Attorney General Karl A. Racine (D), who has opted not to seek re-election to a third term.

“I believe the attorney general’s office has the most direct connection to improving and protecting people’s lives every day via advocacy, litigation, and legislation,” Schwalb said. “And if the job is done correctly and strategically, we will continue to flourish as a community.”

The 54-year-old graduated from Harvard Law School and previously worked for the Justice Department as a trial attorney, defending and prosecuting civil tax cases. He subsequently spent around six years in private practice until joining Venable in 2005. He was designated partner-in-charge of the firm’s Washington, D.C. branch in 2016, after four years as vice-chairman.

Schwalb’s legal practice frequently involves negotiating with parties that have challenging and competing interests, as well as litigating issues in which collaboration is not possible. He has done pro bono work in situations involving police wrongdoing, and he has also assisted a guy on death row in Alabama in obtaining a fresh trial.

Schwalb spent nine years at Venable with Racine and claimed that if elected attorney general, he would employ a data-driven approach to support Racine’s ideas. He mentioned two recent announcements from Racine’s office: a spate of zoning recommendations aimed at increasing housing affordability and an extension of the “Cure the Streets” violence-prevention program.

Racine’s concentration on juvenile justice, tenant and consumer protection, wage theft, and senior protection, according to Schwalb, is especially noteworthy.

“Right now, the unfairness in our city is a problem that only the law can solve.” “I’d do that every day,” Schwalb remarked. “We cannot reverse the gains Karl and his office have made; the incoming leader of that office must maintain the pace.”

Schwalb has experience with leading companies, training, hiring, and recruiting. He also worked as an appointed attorney general in D.C. One of his endorsements is Irv Nathan, who said that Schwalb should run for the 2014 race because he is skilled at legal matters and was the managing partner of a prominent Washington law firm.

Schwalb is one of four people running in the election. So far, he is one of them, and he has stated that he would gather money for his campaign using the city’s public financing scheme. He joins Kenyan R. McDuffie (D-Ward 5), local lawyer Ryan Jones, and longtime lawyer Bruce V. Spiva on the D.C. Council.

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