Man Arrested After Multiple Burglaries in Gedling

Man Arrested After Multiple Burglaries in Gedling

Police have captured a bad person who committed some burglaries in Gedling. The arrest happened after a number of house burglaries. They happened between November 18 and December 6.

Three things were stolen, a bicycle, a laptop, and a wallet. A man was arrested on Thursday. He is 46 years old. Eight burglaries and 12 offenses of fraud by false representation were done by him.

A detective inspector said that burglary is an awful crime. When people feel unsafe in their homes, they are not happy. That’s why the police work hard to try and prevent burglaries from happening. The Nottinghamshire Police has two teams that work to stop burglaries. They help victims of burglaries.

They say that their work has led to a 38-per-cent drop in house burglaries across Nottinghamshire. That number wasn’t even as low before Covid.

Recently, Nottinghamshire police appointed a person who helps people to prevent crimes of burglary.

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