Dozens Are Feared Dead as Tornadoes Hit Midwestern And Southern U.S.

Dozens are feared dead as tornadoes hit Midwestern and Southern U.S.

EDWARDSVILLE, Ill. — The storm system made several people die and get hurt. They died because of tornadoes and severe weather. The storm happened in the Midwest and South parts of the United States.

Many people were feared dead in the factory in Mayfield, Kentucky. Governor Beshear called it a tragedy.

A tornado hit a building, and there were about 110 people in it. We think that at least 120 people will die. It is very hard, and we are praying for each family who will lose a loved one.

There was a storm. One person died because of it. The weather caused the roof of a building to be ripped off and a wall to collapse.

Two people went to the hospital in the helicopter. They are in St. Louis. The chief of the facility did not know which hospital they went to or their conditions, but he said that Edwardsville is about 25 miles east of Saint Louis.

This building may not have been damaged by a tornado. But it could have been. The National Weather Service near St. Louis reported “radar-confirmed tornadoes” in the area during the time that the building collapsed.

There were 30 people in the building when it happened. They all left to go to Pontoon Beach. The police were there, too.

Early Saturday, rescue crews were still sorting through the rubble. They said they could take several more hours. Cranes and backhoes helped move debris away from the area.

The Amazon Fulfillment Center in Edwardsville opened in 2016 and has two warehouses. These warehouses are used to store items until they are shipped to customers.

Amazon’s top priority right now is the safety and well-being of its employees. They are assessing the situation and will share more information when they can.

A tornado passed near a National Weather Service office in Weldon Spring, Missouri. Some people took shelter, and some people didn’t. 1 person died, and 2 others were injured in building collapses near the towns of Defiance and New Melle.

A tornado hit a nursing home in Arkansas on Friday night. One person died, and 20 people were trapped inside the building. A man said that five people had serious injuries, and a few others had minor ones. There were 86 beds at the nursing home.

Day said that another nursing home was badly damaged about 20 miles (32 kilometers) away in Truman.

Three people died because of storms in Tennessee. Two of the deaths were in Lake County, and one was in Obion County, all in the northwestern part of the state.

Several buildings collapsed in Kentucky due to the severe weather that hit Mayfield. This was said by a Kentucky state police trooper, Sarah Burgess.

A storm hit, and a candle factory was damaged. A shift of people was inside the factory when the storm happened.

She said, “The entire building is leveled.”

Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green is assessing storm damage. They are not reporting any injuries yet, but they have canceled their commencement ceremony because the campus has no power.

Ronnie Ward said in a phone interview, “It’s obvious we had major wind damage.”

Rescue efforts have been hard in Bowling Green and other places because the roads are all broken. Many apartment complexes in Bowling Green were damaged, and factories collapsed.

Right now, Ward is focusing on the citizens who need help. dxz to talk to everyone who needs help.

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